An Essay on Dating


Pasted excerpt from a REAL email I wrote back in October

From: Renee M

Sent: Thursday, October 07, 2010 11:12 AM

Subject: An Essay – yes, this is a true story


Why I can’t date like a normal person, By Renee M

We met at Fun Spot yesterday afternoon for date number 2, and he surprised me by taking me on the go-karts! It was fun! Then I lost my blackberry on the go-karts and it got run over, along with my Vera Bradley wallet, which got destroyed. Like destroyed as in there were burn marks on the ripped pieces. I’m just lucky my checkcard and driver’s license were intact.

He kept apologizing non-stop, and I kept telling him don’t worry about it, it was my fault for bringing it with my on the ride. The attendants couldn’t find the phone, just the battery and the back to the case. He joked that we should have gone on the bumper boats because at least I would have seen where my phone landed. I laughed, because honestly it was funny and I was trying not to be sad in front of him, so I sucked it in and just smiled and said that’s what insurance is for J …was that graceful?? 

Oh wait, did I mention the part where I almost fell while trying to get out of the go kart and he had to help me out?

We left and went to this Thai place called Red Bamboo. It was really good!! We talked and laughed, it was really fun. We talked about a little bit of everything, including his restaurant, my work, everything really. LOL we even talked about his family in India, and how Indian people talk LOL I told him about what Southern people really mean when they say “bless your heart”. 

After we left the Thai place, I figured I’d go check at FunSpot one more time to see if they had found my phone. They found it!!! I practically hugged everyone there. It’s a bit dinged up, but still very functional.

So that’s pretty much how my date went. I had a lot of fun, embarrassed myself on the go-karts and got outstripped by an 8 year old who tried to bump me off the track before losing my personal items. Did I mention that I dropped food off my fork twice at dinner? That the straw in my water almost cut my lip?? Super classy, that’s me. J 

Even after all that, he expressed an interest in seeing me again! LMAO

I’m going out with Eric the Sugar Daddy next week. I’m really excited about that – let’s see, what can I do to top this date? Set my clothing on fire? 

– renee


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