So I’m learning that a favorite pastime of many of my friends is “creepin”.

Creeping is when you stalk someone (usually from afar) silently on social media. Facebook is a good place for this.

Anytime you systematically stalk someone via social media without commenting on their page?? That’s considered creeping.

It is truly a pastime that transcends gender, race and age. I have friends that creep on their old friends, frenemies, exes and crushes. I know parents that creep on their kids…
Mom: “I saw you went on a date last night. How did it go?”
Me: “Saw?? What do you mean??”
Mom: “I saw it on facebook.”

My roommates have taken creeping to a whole new level. Sitting in my room, I see flashing lights reflecting off the backyard fence… I get up to investigate the source… And find my roommates Wesley and Colleen (semi-) covertly peering out the blinds of the dining room window at a woman that’s been pulled over by the police. Police in our neighborhood is a rare occurrence in itself, so I understand the curiosity. Why is this considered “creeping”?? When the woman turns her head to look at our house, they both hit the floors like gunshots have gone off. Clearly they don’t want to be seen. πŸ™‚

That’s it, just my random observation… Now I gotta go peek and see if he’s written her a ticket yet! πŸ™‚

Wesley and Colleen creepin on the neighbors!

**Update: Apparently the woman was getting a ticket for running a stop sign in the nieghborhood. We know this because Wesley went on the porch so he could overhear what the police officer was saying. See what I mean? Creeepin!!!


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