Florida Logic


Florida Logic is…
…Having a State Trooper to monitor a busy intersection where schoolchildren cross the street, and having him park his patrol car across the sidewalk where the kids have to walk.

Yep, that’s my state!!


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  1. That’s a UCF cop, not FHP. When u say school children do u mean college students? I don’t see many “children” on campus. You are a moron…

    • LOL! Thanks for viewing my site! I love when people comment, even the village idiots. It means I’m reaching all demographics.

      Just to be clear, that was just a picture I found on Google of a cop car sitting on the sidewalk. I just needed an example since I didn’t get a chance to take an actual picture of the offending cop. In my blog I am referring to my neighborhood where children walk down the sidewalk everyday to get to school. I’m sorry if the graphic misled you, I hope you have a great day posting negative comments on other people’s pages.

      – The Sunburnt Peach

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