See this? Right here? Is why we’re friends


I am very fortunate to have two really awesome best friends in my life. Even if they have questionable taste in eyewear.

We like “because of” and we love “in spite of”…they accept me regardless of my faults and my crazy. In turn, I accept them. 🙂

One of the best things about my BFFs is being able to tell them ANYTHING… and I mean ANYTHING! I tell them the stuff that I’m often almost embarrassed to admit to myself.

Like, dating drama or work foolishness. Last night I had a MASSIVE DATING FAIL (one that involved pants and the lack thereof for large portions of the date)…. one so jacked that I’m not even ready to blog out the whole story yet… but I love that I can tell Messy Jessy and Delto exactly what I did. They might judge and will definitely laugh, but at least I can share with them freely.

In return I get those moments that make me say “see this? right here” is why we’re friends!”


“Don’t you know when a guy says ‘come over to watch a movie’ that’s code for putting out?”


“Your butt looks like an apple in those pants… I want to smack it”


“Did you give him a hug with extra grinding?”

and one of my personal favorites:

“Can you put more ice into my glass of wine?”


As I recounted last night’s dating drama to  one of the crazies (I’ll never tell which one), the BFF kindly pointed out that “even if it wasn’t a great dating experience, I got free dinner and drinks Friday night and again Saturday night as well as satisfying “personal time” so at the end of the whole thing it still came out as a win!”

…and that’s why we’re friends.


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