My Version of Social Media Marketing


Goes like this, all via text messages:

Me: Follow my blog dammit! Don’t make me have to tell you twice:

Delto, my BFF: [no response]

Me, 1 day and 11 hours later: Subscribe to my blog or I will be forced to cause you bodily harm!

Delto, an hour and 19 minutes later: ima do it

Me: Right now! Do it right now!

Me, continued: Miss you puddin! I wish you were here!  I’d dry hump your leg and lick your face and hug you til you passed out.

Delto: miss you too…

Me: Good. Now follow my blog ho.

Delto, 7 minutes later: I did I think.

Me: Did you click on the confirmation email? You have to click the email!!

Hey, at least I got another blog subscriber out of it.


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