A Good Time


Log on to my free dating website this evening to check my messages, and this dude “wateverulike” messaged me … and here’s how it went.

I promise you, I did not make this up, but I did change his screen name to “creep dude” to kinda protect his privacy…

creepy dude: how are u cutie?

me: good, how are you?

creepy dude: im fine

creepy dude: a il tired

creepy dude: n bored in my hotel room

me: oh

(suspects that this isn’t a nice normal guy that could potentially be my future husband and baby daddy. Humored by the fact that for a moment I actually thought this was even a possibility)

me: lol

creepy dude: what??

creepy dude: lol

me: nothing lol… was that a bad response?

creepy dude: not really

(at this point i’ve read his profile and noted that he’s from tampa, visiting orlando…suspects what’s about to happen next. Don’t want to assume so give him the benefit of the doubt)

me: so, why are you visiting orlando?

creepy dude: work

me: oh ok

me: i’m just sitting here blogging, watching body of proof

creepy dude: u sould come over


creepy dude: lol

me: LMAO

(laughing at self, realizes that future husband is a perv looking for a one-night stand)

creepy dude: what?? lol

me: are you serious??

me: you’re funny

me: gotta go… have a good night! enjoy orlando!

(peace out)

What the hell???!? This is not the first time that creepy dudes have messaged me. I tend to get lots of 23 year olds and 50 year olds reaching out to me through online dating. If I was seriously a Cougar or looking for a Sugar Daddy this would be great. But I’m mostly interested in guys in their mid-thirties with a little chunk (i dunno, it’s a personal preference) and no back hair. What about my profile page on my dating website suggests that I’m just here for a good time?? Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally fun!! Just not… random hotel fun. I make it clear that I’m looking for relationships, no casual stuff.

I just couldn’t figure it out so I finally asked a friend of mine (a guy who also has a profile on this same dating website). You know what he told me? It’s my boobs!!!

How am I supposed to rein these suckers in?!?

My profile picture. Dang! I picked the photo because I liked the dress. Dumbass.


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