Why Do I Always Get the Burnt Cookie??


Do you find yourself frequently asking the question “Why does this always happen to me?”

I do. Daily.

Some people are just “lucky” enough to be a walking example of Murphy’s Law… if there’s a 1 square-inch puddle of water on the floor, I’ll slip in it.

If there’s one gimpy buggy at the Target, I always get it.

If there’s one rude librarian in the ENTIRE WORLD he will be the one working at my local library.

If there’s any possible way to trip and fall while getting off a carousel horse I will figure it out.

The day I got to the beach is when it’ll rain.

My Blackberry is always the one with schizophrenic tendencies, no matter how new it is.

My cat was the one that liked to chew on hair… especially mine

How many people do you know that have dogs allergic to GRASS?

Who else goes to the DMV to get a new driver’s license picture taken and is forced to retake the ENTIRE TEST… at the age of 24?

If someone brings in home-baked cookies to work, I’ll be the one that gets the burnt one.



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