Karma or Irony?


Something happened a few months ago that I’ve been stewing on and just can’t quite determine what I should learn from all of this. So I’m putting it my readers – tell me which part is Karma and which part Irony:



I visit my doctor, referred to by many as “hot doctor” to discuss what might be the beginnings of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or IBS. Some months later, we are matched on e-harmony, and in true Sunburnt Peach style I create a blog post about hot doctor on e-harmony, talk about it on Facebook and send some of his hot doctor pictures to several of my friends (and I really didn’t discriminate: straight, gay, married, single, I sent it to them all). So it’s only natural I should run into him at my local Super-Tarjay.



In my attempt to avoid confrontation with hot doctor, I dart down the nearest aisle of the Target.

It just happens to be the toilet paper aisle.


So… which part is the karma, and which part the irony??


BTW – I am currently seeking a new Primary Care Physician.


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