15 Reasons


15 Reasons Why Being A Girl Is Awesome:

  1. Getting pedicures with your friends is really wonderful
  2. Using your boobs at the bar to get drinks is acceptable
  3. Guys will open doors for you and pick up the heavy stuff you’re too lazy to deal with
  4. You are more likely to have a best friend that will sit on the porch and drink cheap wine with you and eat cupcakes
  5. Said best friend is also amazingly good at keeping secrets in the “vault”
  6. In today’s society you can choose to subscribe to or defy traditional female roles (i.e. cooking, having kids, working outside the home)
  7. Wearing sundresses is so fun
  8. Cute accessories & Cute shoes & Cute headbands
  9. Pink swirly cocktails
  10. They make pink gloves for women golfers
  11. Guys buy you flowers just to be nice
  12. Being “wooed” by a guy that really likes you can make butterflies in your tummy
  13. Chick Lit, Matthew McConaughey… ’nuff said
  14. You can like romantic comedies but it’s still totally acceptable to go see Transformers
  15. You can win extra cool points with your man for knowing characters and sub-plots from comic books (because dudes don’t expect girls to know that stuff)

15 Reasons Why Being A Girl Can Suck:

  1. The gynecologist, the gynecologist, the gynecologist
  2. Guys think you can’t pick up heavy stuff
  3. Crying at work is not acceptable, especially because people automatically assume that’s what you’re going to do, thus making it harder to suck it in when you really do need a good cry.
  4. Dudes will openly check out your ass and chest while you’re in public places… my best friend has had her butt grabbed in a mall while the dude’s friends high-fived each other
  5. The scale can be your worst enemy
  6. The cupcakes you eat on the porch with your best friend will probably only exacerbate your already crappy body image… you know you should have had that salad instead!
  7. Regardless of how much you subscribe to or defy traditional roles, people still expect you to know how to cook… and you can feel like a failure if you don’t
  8. Accessorizing can be a real bitch if you don’t know how to do it (hence the appropriateness of a GBF, or Gay Best Friend)
  9. Peeing on a stick, buying the stick to pee on, or worrying if you should be peeing on a stick sometime soon
  10. If you’re a big girl, buying the said pink golf glove in large to fit your hand because they think all women are dainty and the medium is too tight
  11. The “dainty” words they use to describe the crappiest things your body can do to you… “spotting” is NOT dainty!
  12. They make blue pills for dudes and not women… instead “The Man” spends way too much time making laws about what we can and cannot do to our bodies as women (don’t get me started on this)
  13. Falling down in cute heels
  14. Some guys don’t “woo” because they like you, but because they like your boobs
  15. Guys don’t get called “sluts” …even if they’re doing the same thing or worse

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