Big Girl Cuffs


Nothing makes you feel better about making a lifestyle change to lose weight than going to the doctor and having to use the “OBESE” armcuff to get your blood pressure taken.

I’m fairly certain that they’ve used it on me before, but this visit was the first one where I notcied that OBESE is printed in big ass letters on the inside of the cuff. I caught a glimpse as the nurse technician was wrapping it around my arm.

I was visiting the doctor’s office to get a note clearing me to participate in the fitness challenge. Before you ask NO, I was NOT at Hot Doctor’s office. I am officially off his service! After the last visit during tonsilitis and encountering scheduling challenges trying to get this appointment scheduled, I got the kick in the pants needed to tear me away from that hot mess. My new doctor is not hot (thankfully) but he’s pleasant and listens. I think it’s the start of a lovely doctor-patient relationship :).

Ever since getting that obese cuff slapped on me, I’ve been thinking a LOT about size. No matter what people say, size does matter! People judge you based on how you look, they judge you on everything. I’ve been told that I “carry my weight well… whatever that means… but at the end of the day, it’s still there. It’s funny because I don’t always feel like a big person… until I’m on the airplane debating whether or not I should ask for a seatbelt extender. I just pray until the regular seatbelt clicks into place. I REFUSE to use one of those things!

I have this terrible habit – I see a big girl walking past me in public and I’ll nudge my nearest friend and ask “is that what I look like?” Only once have they said “yes”… and I watched that girl as she walked away. Honestly, she didn’t look half bad.

Anyway.. cheers! To hopefully never havingto use the OBESE armcuff ever again!


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