Good GAWD I’m Out Of Shape… and oddly healthy


Whew!!! What did I learn today? I’m incredibly out of shape!!!!


I got home a little bit ago from my first fitness experience at the RDV Sportsplex and I’m frickin’ WIPED… my thighs are like jelly. Fortunately the sweat stains dried the same color as my shirt or everyone would be able to see the shameful aftermath of years of sedentary living.


The experience was seriously uplifting thought! Everyone’s there to help us reach our goal. One thing that stuck with me was Nick Anderson saying to me: “No goal is unreachable. The only thing stopping you is you“.




As soon as I arrived, the pandelirium began. We got our RDV membership cards, our cool workout shirts and nifty Magic hats (as in… Orlando Magic, not the rabbit-producing kind of hat. Just clarifying). We got some health screening stuff done – turns out, my cholesterol, blood pressure glucose, triglycerides and such were all within healthy levels (which in my opinion is mixed news which I’ll get to later). We all  participated in a nutrition seminar, and met our trainers. All of this with cameras in our faces… and we know the camera adds 10 pounds!! hehe.


The nutritionist was eye-opening. Our portion sizes are way off – am I the last one to know this?? It actually was a bit scary to look at portions now compared to 20 years ago.


We also got to meet our trainers – my trainer is super nice. I hope I keep that in mind when I’m crying and cussing at her during our sessions. 🙂 I’ve already alerted her to this possibility, and so far she’s been very understanding. I’ve also let her know that I’m in this to win!!! She’s just as competitive as me, so I think she’ll help push me to where I need to be.


After meeting our trainers we had to do our fitness assessment. Can I just say? I might have healthy blood pressure and glucose and crap, but that did NOT help me while I was running on the treadmill! And run I did – for about a minute and a half. The rest was brisk running, followed by pushups, a “shuffle” exercise thingy, a planking thingy and a few other tests that left me a hot sweaty mess… but actually feeling pretty good! The only thing that worried me was that these were just TESTS. I still haven’t done a full workout yet – what does that even mean???? I’m pretty sure hot sweaty messes flopping around gasping for air and a vodka martini are frowned upon at the RDV Sportsplex.


On the super cool note, I got to run on the treadmill where the Magic have run! And do exercises on the court where the Magic have practiced! Even better I got a high five from one of the young athletes participating in the athletic camp while we were down there. He didn’t know me from Adam’s housecat, but he gave me a high five and told me I was doing great. It energized me and gave me an extra bounce in my step. So I skipped. I couldn’t help myself.


During one of the breaks I found out that apparently during my phone call where they told me I made it, I said “sweet baby Jesus”… I’m so glad that didn’t make it into the phone call! I don’t think i could have lived it down, LOL.


After talking with some of the Magic staff, I’ve learned that we’re not alone in our weight struggles -several people on staff have been working over the past year to lose and and have made colossal strides. We’re talking 70 pounds! I like that they understand how hard it is and empathize with what we’re going through. It helps.


Here’s where it got real fun – they’ve given me a flip cam to take home and film myself doing things for one week! I have to film myself preparing meals, hanging out with friends, working out, and give feedback. LOL… I don’t think they have any idea what they’re getting themselves into!!


Better yet – what have I gotten MYSELF into?!?!?


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