Oil Sheen


Ok, this was hilarious and I don’t know who to tell this to.


I think anyone that has read my blog knows by now that I am African-American, and my boyfriend (or, BBE for short) is Caucasian. There is rarely a cause for cultural confusion, although he has been known to ask me things like “what do mixed kids look like?” or, “what are cornrows”. He’s watched me perm my hair, he’s watched me flat iron it, and he’s been with me when I’ve bought products like oil sheen, argan oil or whatever. It’s not like African-American hair is a forbidden topic or anything.


Or like he could possibly confuse a bottle of oil sheen for scrubbing bubbles and spray the entire shower with it.


I have one of those glassed-in-separate-from-the-bathtub-anyone-walking-into-the-bathroom-can-see-all-your-junk-pain-in-the-ass-to-clean showers. It’s pretty, but also pretty frustrating because it sucks to clean it.


When BBE and I went to the Target on Sunday to buy bathroom/shower cleaner and in the cleaning products aisle proceeded to argue about whether to get the full-price-mega-cleaner-strip-varnish-off-a-sailboat cleaner or if the Target brand “simpler but effective and cheap” would be fine. In the interest of frugality, we chose the Target brand.

Flash forward to later in the evening, BBE is being all Mr. Clean and stuff and decides to spray down the entire shower with the knockoff brand scrubble bubbles. I’m standing on the mirror brushing my hair.


I go to grab my can of oil sheen.


I can’t find it anywhere.


Then I see the can of scrubble bubble sitting on the counter, yet, I STILL HEAR HIM SPRAYING THE SHOWER WITH SOMETHING. I turn around to see him spraying the entire shower with OIL SHEEN!!




Later, after we finally both recover from laughing ourselves to death, he says “I was wondering why it wasn’t spraying much… I figured that’s what we get for buying the cheap cleaner”.


Cultural Alliances at its best, people.


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