I am not a fan of Thanksgiving.

Ok, I know what you’re thinking: considering I recently posted about how I also don’t like Halloween, what holidays AM I a fan of? To that I say: NOT Thanksgiving. My contempt for the Pilgrims and the colonists that came after them for the next hundred years runs pretty deep. I realize that it sounds silly, considering I might not be here if it weren’t for them, but there you have it. I am not a fan of Thanksgiving.

Having said that, we had our “Thanksgiving” Lunch at work last week: every year a catering company comes in and brings us an amazing holiday lunch, complete with mashed potatoes, gravy, turkey and cranberries. Everyone at work contributes desserts, which are judged later in a contest. 2 different types of  flan, coconut cream pie, apple pie AND cherry? Helloooo… let’s just say it was epic. We all start looking forward to it from the moment HR sends out the email of the date and time. There’s nothing that motivates people like good free food.

Since our company is made up of about 175 employees in a 1-story office building, so there’s not really a big place for us to all gather, sit and eat together. So each area/ department set up tables and things in their area to have Thanksgiving Lunch.

This is our team’s Thanksgiving table. Keep in mind we just used items we had around the office!

A few potted plants can go a long way.


Who sat at the kids’ table?? WE ALL DID. LOL!

We even got fancy and printed place cards for everyone to have.

Even found some fall leaves clip art in Word, printed it out, cut it up and spread it around the table for decor.

Afterwards we marched – no, like literally “left, left-right, left” marched – around the building complex to walk off all the turkey and desserts! I really wish I’d had the flip cam to record us doing our afternoon stretching exercises in the far side of the parking lot. My boss got “special” pregnancy stretches from our “instructor”. I could barely stretch from laughing so hard.

As bizarre and thrown together as it was, it was nice to relax and take a moment to be thankful. I’m not into Thanksgiving but I am really appreciative: I have a work family that I would look forward to being with for 8 hours a day… people that make work fun, through baby and wedding showers for each other, decorate your desk on your birthday, pitch in together to decorate for Thanksgiving, and have a good time doing it. When it comes to your job and the folks you spend more time with than with your family, it doesn’t get a whole lot better than that!

BTW… allow me to take an opportunity to shamelessly show off the diaper cake I created for my boss’s baby shower. It was so stinkin’ cute:

I kinda hate the smell of diapers right now though.


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