10 Days – 7 Wants



7 Wants



7. The American Dream & The whole shebang: an awesome engagement, a beautiful wedding and an amazing lifelong marriage and partnership. Add to that kids, 2 cars, big fluffy dog, a house… both of us employed and excelling in our fields. Totally stereotypical girly stuff 🙂



6. To live in another country, even just for a year or two. What a life-changing experience that would be! The BBE and I joke around that if Michelle Bachmann gets elected to the presidency that we are moving to Scotland. I suggested Canada, but he didn’t want to live in the country that he refers to as “America Lite” because “no one really like diet stuff anyway” ROTFL… ?!?! Poor Canada. Scotland it is. Are there any black people in Scotland? When I visited, I didn’t see nary a one.



5. To lose fantastic amounts of weight. It’s sad that my current goal is to lose another 75 pounds… and that still puts me in the Slightly Overweight category. Sometimes it seems like a faraway dream, located right past the cherry cheesecake and McDonald’s fries. Arg. Surprisingly, I think living in Scotland might help with this. People walk more than the drive, and the food’s not nearly as tasty. I’ll be rail -thin in no time!



4. A happy medium, where all of the people I love and need in my life are reasonably short driving distances away. Sometimes I wish I could roll a bunch of cities into one to create my own personalized “Super City” that’s close to the beach, the mountains, not too hot or cold but still has seasons. My parents and sisters and friends from all other the map would live there, and we’d all hang out all the time and have picnics and fireworks and beach parties…



3. Balls. I wish I had balls. Not literally, just wishing I had the nerve to stand up for what I believe in always. I find it amazing that I’m perceived as being tough and confident. We all have those moments when we don’t agree with what’s going on or being said, and yet we still sit back and do nothing. One of my wants is to have balls: balls to ask for that raise, balls to tell my roommate he’s an effing slob and the laundry room isn’t his personal closet, balls to stand up and say that I’m not ashamed of what I believe… I believe in the Father, the Son and the Heavenly Ghost… and not stress so much about offending people that I cringe from standing my ground. Instead, I tend to vent my feelings via blog post 🙂



2. Kids… maybe just one or two? With the guy I love. Kids that are cute, smart and adorable. HOWEVER, I really need to lose weight to accomplish this. Also, I don’t want to end up on a TLC or Discovery Fit & Health TV special called “Obese and Pregnant! There. I said it out loud.


1. The publish my work, whether that’s a book, or become a really famous blogger, or write articles for a magazine… I get a thrill when people stop by my dorky little site and read what I’ve deemed meaningful enough to share. It would make me feel like I’ve really done something wonderful and that I just might have a talent for writing.



What else is left? A fulfilling life?  Maybe to be better at golf? Be less of a sore loser at boardgames? Shoot, I’ve got so many petty wants trying to cloud my path and stop me from focusing on the big ones and figuring out how to make them happen.


This Ten Day thing is killing me, sucking all those bits I leave in my secretest places right out of me and forcing them into black and white… and pink :). I’m only on number 7, and I already feel stripped bare. Good grief, what’s left???


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