10 Days – 1 Photo


This is me.

Taken back in December 2008 – I was turning 30! We were in Vegas for my birthday, staying at this great spa resort called Loews Lake Vegas. It was so beautiful. I had just checked in with my sisters, and was exploring the property. We found this super cool patio area that pretty much turns into a fricking nightclub after dark, and started snapping pics.

Some people might see a cute, perky, somewhat chubby girl. For a while all I could see was a fat, aging, back-fat roll-having spinster who’s just happy to get out of the house. I stopped just enjoying the memories this picture brought back – the memories of hitting a milestone in my life and sharing it with those that mattered.

A pic when I was excited, lively and just happy to be me.

A pic that shows an expression that I want to see on my face every day, for the rest of my life. I know that’s not entirely possible or realistic, but I think striving to be happy is a pretty admirable goal.

 You’ve gotten 10 people, 9 secrets, 8 fears, 7 wants, 6 places, 5 books, 4 foods, 3 films 2 songs (and a partridge in a pear tree!! c’mon, you were thinking it.) So that wraps up my ten days! Ok, it might have taken me close to 30 to get it done but you people made me bare my soul.

Stripping takes time.

Peace out,

 The Sunburnt Peach


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