My Precioussssssssssssss


So when I started here a couple of years ago, I hadn’t heard of the food-stealing bandit that occasionally stole people’s lunches out of the fridge. So you can imagine my shock one day when my food went missing!

 When I reported it to the authorities (and by authorities I mean HR) the first question I was asked was “Did you put your name on it?” To this I had no answer.

 Since then, I had been diligent about labeling my stuff when sticking it in the fridge. This morning, I stopped by the Publix on the way to work to grab a frozen entrée for my lunch, and to my surprise they were having a sale on Healthy Choice dinners – 5 for $10! Yoink! I grabbed 5 of them before remembering the work rule.

So when I got to my desk today, I wrote these post-its before I stuck my goodies in the freezer. Since I’m fairly certain I’ll end up in HR if I write “Touch My Food and I’ll Cut You” on my food, I decided to go the more nerdy yet humorous approach.

Think it’ll work?


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