An All-New Season of Snapped!


Another Facebook post I recently found! Written in May 2009. How could I have sat on this post for so long and not shared with you guys? See this post? Right here? Is yet another reason why I’m glad that I no loner work for Disney, but an just a Disney passholder. That and now people can’t ask me for free tickets.



I finally did it!

I pulled that stunt that I believe most hospitality employees finally snap and do at some point in their careers… I snapped on a guest.

Honestly, I don’t feel super guilty, just amused. Is that bad?

Ok, this is what happened:

I picked up a shift working in the fairies room at Magic Kingdom, just to make a little extra money this week. I got yelled at by guests all night – and I understand why; the fairies’ line is ridiculously long, because of their popularity.

I actually had a guest ask me last night if Tinkerbell was on a potty break and that was why the wait was so long.

So I guess that’s why the guy standing in the princess line decided he should join in too. This fucktard who’d only been waiting in the princess line for MAYBE 15 minutes decides to yell at me about his wait time (while standing next to guests that have been waiting for an hour to see fairies). He was like, “why is the wait so long for princesses? This is ridiculous!” SO I looked him up and down: an adult man standing in the PRINCESS line with his other ADULT male friend – no little kids, no girls…I then looked him right in the eye and said:

“you know why?? it’s YOU. We’re holding the line up just for you!”

His mouth dropped and hit the floor.

Then I turned and let the fairies guests into the room.

Guests in the fairy line said things like “oh snap!”, groaned and hissed (either with disbelief at what I said, or in sympathy).

In my 14 years of being in the hospitality industry, I have NEVER been rude to a guest – EVER. And granted, this snapping, from what I hear, is not nearly as bad as the breakdowns that some other people eventually have. And maybe this isn’t the true meltdown that I have in store, I dunno. What surprised me is that instead of feeling guilty, I actually thought it was pretty funny. Is that crazy?


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