I heard the coolest name today… Merrick. Isn’t that neat?


I mean, It’s one of those names that can stick with you, but not be weird, right? What about names like Everett? Or Noah? Those are two names I like. Is that weird? Those are names you could have as a kid and not get beat up, but also have as an adult and put them on diplomas and resumes and not look stupid. 


I’m from Atlanta, and let’s be honest, in the race to be “original”, Atlanta folks get into this terrible habit of putting the stupidest name combos together. One that always tickles me is “LaTiffany”… another – “TaMichael”… I AM DEAD SERIOUS. I know people with these names.  They’re still better than Boonquisha Smith, or Torpaisha Jones. I shit you not. Those names exist.


Another obnoxious Southern name… ugh… I also can’t stand when people use Ashley as a dude’s name… for some reason it rubs me way wrong. It reminds me of the wimpy guy Ashley from Gone With the Wind for one thing, and it seems like a sappy way out of naming your kid something. He has to go through his entire life explaining to people that he’s a he, not a she… unless he becomes a she, but then that’s a whoel different thing entirely.


Or… a name that’s so generic that there are like six kids in your class with the same name. Lil Sis had three girls in her kindergarten class named Aisha, so they were referred to by their peers in reference to their last name: “Aisha B.”, Aisha C.”, “Aisha S.”, etc. I also know a lotof Avas, Haydens and Tylers. Again not a joke.


You want a good name that sounds nice but also like it could be hardcore. I told the BBE that I wanted to name my kids after the Transformers: “Optimus Prime”, “Starscream”, “Ironhide”, “Bumblebee”. He didn’t seem to be on board with that idea. I think that Merrick and Everett could stand up to the badass test, though: “You’d better leave Merrick alone! She’ll kick your ass!” or “Everett’s gonna expect those reports done by the morning, so you’d better hurry up. The boss don’t play”.


Hmm, not so sure about Noah, though. Maybe he’ll be an artist.


So I hereby claim these names! None of my friends can use them for their kids! Although I don’t think they’re in popular demand.

 Don’t know where this post came from – just a random thought. Do I have kids on the brain? Well duh. I’m 33. Hell yes I have kids on the brain!


 And don’t claim my names! Or Merrick will kick your ass!



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  1. My son’s name is Merrick – named after my dad. He’s 25 now (my son not my dad!) and not a time goes by when my son tells people his name that someone doesn’t say – Oh that is so Cool! Problem is …..once you start telling people they start gettin’ ideas…(remember George on Seinfeld?) My advice – keep the name secretly hidden away until you have that baby…or else just like Donna up there did ….they’ll snitch it. And if it’s family or a friend….Trust me…you’ll never regret picking it.

    • Ha!! My other name on reserve is Everett, another one that the BFE does not like. I think they are both cool without naming our kid after pieces of fruit or rock bands. I’m still gathering my strategy to get those both into the list of mutually approved names 🙂

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