Oh Yeah? Watch this.


Unlike most people, I’ve already come to terms with some of the more spiteful elements of my personality… and unlike most people I just choose to embrace and revel in them occasionally as opposed to feeling bad about it.


For people who don’t know me, sometimes my obsessive (possible petty) behavior over minor stuff  can come as a shock. I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. It makes me interesting, and is (mostly) harmless. And for the people who totally get me, my antics can make for great blog posts.


I am a social media addict. I post on Facebook religiously, I tweet, use google plus, and keep my LinkedIn account regularly updated. I was totally into GoWalla before it disappeared, and was a foursquare junkie even before I had “friends” on foursquare to share my checkins with. I’m a social media freak!Another oddity that I’ve come to terms with.


As a social media freak, I got turned on to the idea of being the “mayor” of as many of my favorite haunts on foursquare. I’m the mayor of my house, the local dunkin donuts, and for three glorious days, the nearby Chipotle. As work I’m the mayor of my company as well as the events department (where I work specifically), the Sales department, PR and the Boardroom. In all fairness I pass through all of those areas on a regular basis, so it’s perfectly reasonable that I “check in” to each of them daily.

At one point during the summer, the PR intern became mayor of my department. WTF!?! He didn’t even know where it was! So the vindictive me taught him a”lesson”: I became the mayor of the PR Intern’s Desk! Suffice it to say, he was never mayor of my department again. Grr.


Recently I’ve kinda slacked off of checking in on Foursquare. No big deal until I got an email recently that a new girl was now mayor of my department! She also became mayor of the Sales Department, the Boardroom and the PR Intern’s desk! Dangit!!! So I started checking into my department on Facebook again, but I also decided to check into hers.


Turns out new girl made her desk a location on foursquare, so she’s making it easy for me. She’s mayor right now – but not for long. According to foursquare I will be the mayor of her desk in 5 days.


Also turns out this is the same new girl who never speaks when you pass her in the hall. I used my swipe card to let her in one morning – I had an armful of items – she just opened the door and walked in ahead of me and didn’t even say thank you. So I’m taking some supreme pleasure in reclaiming my domain from non-helpful at the door girl.


I may have laughed out loud maniacally once or twice while checking into her desk.


Now tell me I’m not vindictive.


I know it’s crazy. I know it’s a meaningless silly little social media app. For some reason though, having a newbie not even been working there for 6 months new kid become mayor of my “work hood” is not sitting well with me. Especially when said new kid doesn’t even have the decently to respond to a friendly salutation.


Turns out, it’s not sitting well with her co-workers either! I got a high five from someone on her team, who is my friend on foursquare and saw what I was doing. She wished me luck. 🙂


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