Played again by IT


You may recall my post from January about my IT department’s response to my penis email. Well, here’s some more IT fun.

Before you read this please understand: our IT folks rock. In no way do I intend to belittle or direspect what they do for uson a daily basis. They work hard and really know their stuff. It just happens that in addition to knowing their “IT stuff” they also know a few more wordly things.

Here’s an IT request submitted by one of my coworker friends. Granted, she started it.

Subject: Completed WO# 20549 – Printer issues?

Summary: Printer issues?

Description: Hi – when I try to print anything from [our database], I get a message asking “Do you trust this printer?” As if it was a shady felon wearing a ski mask asking me for directions on a dimly lit highway. Then it says I need to install a driver.  Please help – I just want to print! 



01/25/2012 9:34:41 AM (GMT-5:00) Eastern Standard Time, Logged by: [IT Helpdesk] – Masked felon was apprehended using the help of a blind psychic and the printer driver has been restored to its full working potential!

And recently I had to submit a helpdesk ticket because I received this email:

—–Original Message—–
From: []
Sent: Friday, February 24, 2012 10:27 AM
To: Me

Subject: Symantec Mail Security detected prohibited content in a message sent from your address

Location of the message:  SMTP


The message was Quarantined


This was done due to the following Symantec Mail Security settings:

 Scan: Auto-Protect

 Rule: New rule for Body Words

 Violating term(s):

                Viagra (Matchlist name : Message Body Words)

Yep, you read that correctly. Someone’s spam security system thingy thinks that I sent out an email with the word “viagra” in it. When I mentioned this to the BBE (who is also an IT nerd) his response was… wait for it… sounds like you just wanted your headers to “grow” har har har.

I don’t know who’s worse, my IT department or my BBE.


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