TP – Backitup, backitup, backitup!



Has anyone seen the commercials for the Cottonelle Toilet Paper Covers? If not, check it out here:


Anyhoo, the BBE and  got suckered into getting one of these thingies when we received a free coupon that included it with our recent purchase of TP. I was delighted, because it was a cutesy decorative alternative to leaving a “naked” backup roll on top of the toilet. It also matches the bathroom rug! Since we’ve had the cover, I’ve replaced the backup every time I’ve had to empty it, ensuring that no one has to yell for help when having your “personal time”; thus creating comfort and ease for all.


Until last night when the BBE did not back up the backup.


Now this is where reality departs from the fictional version of the backup you see in the commercial. In the commercial, the woman calls her husband over, and calmly reminds him to back up the back up. He actively listens to what she’s saying, agrees to “backitup” next time, and even walks away repeating “backitup, backitup, backitup” so he won’t forget.


In our house:


Me: ( having “personal time”, sees empty box. yells out of water closet door.) “What the hell!”

BBE: (in the bedroom, used to hearing random exclamations from me, does not respond)

Me: (annoyed that he did not respond) “Hey! Hey you!”

BBE: (le sigh) “What?”

Me: “You didn’t backup the backup!”

BBE: “What are you talking about??” (he is soooo not paying attention, I can hear the key clickety clacking on the laptop)

Me: “You left my butt hanging in the wind! You didn’t replace the back up roll jackass!”

BBE: (le sigh, again. Clickety clack.) Oops.



That’s all I get, no concern. No reaching to backitup. Proving once again, REAL LIFE IS NOT AT ALL LIKE THE TOILET PAPER COMMERCIALS.


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