Say Yes To The Dress – What a Hot Mess!


Ok, stuck at home sick today (long story, blog to follow so don’t worry!) and got stuck in a cycle of Say Yes To the Dress Episodes. It was overall actually very insightful and a little bit of a hot mess.

First of all, I would LOVE to be on that show! I’m fearful of taking my three ring circus of crazy into that store though. Can you imagine? It would be like something off their blooper reel. Like our whole visit would be one long nonstop blooper reel.

Anyhoo… On one episode there was a plus size bride, and her support group of family and friends (i use that phrase loosely) told her that she looked like a linebacker in her dress! Who does that?! She headed back to the dressing room in tears, and i don’t blame her. I hope that never happens to me or anyone I know. No one should ever hear something like that.

Another episode almost had ME in tears. The bride was moving up her wedding from a year to a few weeks because her fiance was just diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease. They wanted to spend as much time as possible together. When her dream dress was outside of her budget the owner of the shop gifted her the dress! It was a pretty tearful moment and certainly was a nice balance to the crazy families and bitchy friends of the previous episodes.

The last episode was a doozie – one of the brides was meeting her fiance for the first time on their wedding day. WHAT?!

They met through mutual friends via the internet, and had been talking and skyping for three months before they decided it was fate, and they should get married. Wow…just wow.

Don’t get me wrong, I get online dating, the BFE and i met that way, but then we got up from our laptops and met in the real world and fell in love. How scary must it be to meet your life partner for the first time on your wedding day?

I left off the worst part – her lipstick was this grayish color. Yuck.


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