It Never Stops


**UPDATE: And before anyone asks, I did fill out the survey after my initial visit, and I did try to close the account myself online, and there is not an option to do that.

Some of you may recall my original post after getting pimped out by David’s Bridal. If you did, you already know this is a sore subject with me! So after getting a TEXT MESSAGE from a vendor affiliated with David’s Bridal yesterday afternoon, along with thrice daily emails from them even after I requested to be removed from their mailing lists, I got on their website and sent the following email:

I would like to close my online account information with David’s Bridal.

I have repeatedly opted out of every newsletter you have sent to my email address, yet I still continue to receive them daily, sometimes 2-3 a day! This is too much! In addtion, I am receiving information and phone calls… PHONE CALLS… from your “vendor partners”. Your store in GA that I visited even shared my information with a REALTOR. This is over the top and needs to end. I am very dissatisfied with my service. I thought I’d found the right dress for my wedding at your location, and was planning to buy, but I am no longer interested in doing business with your company. The store atmosphere was almost like a zoo, and to top it off the nonstop emails are bordering on harassment. I even had someone text me!

Please close my account and stop sharing my information immediately. I no longer have an interest in purchasing my wedding dress from your company.

 Thank you,

 Renee McLendon

Is this harsh? Maybe! Or maybe not harsh enough! I am so over it. I don’t care. I WANT THEM TO KNOW HOW PISSED I AM ABOUT THIS.


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    • I went to a boutique and loved the experience! It was a bit pricey, but the biggest problem honestly was the sizing. The dress I loved did not come in my size 😦

      I really do like my Alfred Angelo experience so far. They have totally won me over. I’d recommend them to anyone, and actually checked them out on the recommendation of a friend.

  1. After posting this blog I also placed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and the FTC. I feel like it’s a bit excessive, but I think the texting and cold calling and multiple emails even after I opt out is a bit excessive…

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