We’ve Known Each Other For So Long….


Ever see something that makes you laugh and laugh every time you see it… and then it gets stuck in your head and you snicker quietly to yourself at random moments throughout the day?

Here are a few that have been rattling around in my mind recently. A couple of them are rather old, but I stumbled across them in my email, and had a good laugh all over again. So I have to share them! We all need a good laugh, right?


Bear in mind that some of these are video clips or blog clips so you might have to click on them to view the content.


Tell me you won’t have this song stuck in your head allllll day now. Thank Rick Astley! It’s his fault. Jerk.

Bunnies are soo cute! Kung Fu Bunnies are sooo bad ass.



Click on image for Busty Girl Content. Trust me, it’s funny! Hail to the Big T!tty Commitee! BTC Unite!


This is just flat out funny. When you start thinking about it, it starts to make sense, no?


Amen! See yall on the porch! With drinks!



For people that have no idea what I do. Click to watch this video. “Janet!! That is NOT what your CVB said.” ROTFL


I don’t watch Saturday Night Live (because it’s never funny to me) but for once this clip made ma literally LOL…


For the nerds out there. If you’re not following George Takei on Facebook, what are you doing?!?!



And one of my all-time favorites, the Swagger Wagon:

Someone sent this to me like 2 years ago, and it’s so funny I’ve kept it in my email. HILARIOUS video. The only thing funnier? Spongebob singing “This is why I’m hot”



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