Maaaa! Mama! Mummy!! Mummy!! Mum! Mum! Mum!


Sometimes it’s really fun to be a little awful, if you know what I mean.

I am totally jazzed, actually I’m PSYCHED about the Mother’s Day card I put in the mail to my mom yesterday.

There were a lot of cards to choose from… sappy ones, poem-y ones with pictures of flowers on them, ones with puppies, black and white photos kids holding hands. A couple of them that I guess are supposed to be from smart alecky college kids or teenagers that have pictures of animals dressed in hop clothing and saying things like “remember when you told me to clean my room?”

I was having a hard time choosing which one to send, a smart-alecky one, a poem-y one, or one with puppies… and THEN I found THE card:

I added the word bubble 🙂

She’s going to love it.

I even added a heartfelt message inside the card:

“Mother!!! Did this card make you gasp aloud in shock or roll your eyes? Then its done its job and is worth every penny. 🙂

I wanted to send you a Mother’s Day card that is as crazy and random and hilarious as I am… it I cant be there in body, then at least I’m there in spirit!

So Happy Mother’s Day Ma!

I hope you have a wonderful day full of surprises, laughter and love.

And pictures of hot dudes :)”

And then there’s the other part:


(and the card reads: I figured you’ve got enough pictures of flowers and cutesy animals by now)

You have to admit, he is pretty cute!

Happy Mother’s Day!”

Then there’s the final parting shot on the back that speaks for itself:

“I can’t think of anything clever o say. I’m sexy, not witty.”
Yes mam, you are.

This card ROCKS. It ROCKS SO HARD THAT I DO NOT KNOW THAT I CAN HANDLE IT. I hope when I have a kid I get a card like this.

Now I’m wriggling in anticipation of my mom getting this card. She and my dad are traveling this weekend, so she probably will not see it until late Sunday or Monday. I have a feeling that I’ll know the moment that she opens it.

Happy Mother’s Day!!!


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