The Company I Keep!


So right now I’m standing in line at the Disney’s Hollywood Studios during Star Wars weekends. Woohoo! For a undercover Star Wars nerd like me, this is awesome! We’ve already seen stormtroopers and Bobba Fett, and we might get the BFE carbonized later!

So we’re chillin in line at the Toy Story. This little kid next to us has THREE lightsabers. Three! All hanging from the belt of his Jedi uniform. My friend Ojeda looks at the young padawan, and does a quick calculation. "That kid has lightsabers, and there are three of us", he says, rubbing his chin like a diabolical mad scientist. So then the BFE and Ojeda join forces and tell me to ambush the kid, tell him to "use the force" and then drop kick him and steal his lightsabers. Meanwhile padawan’s mother, Darth Ma, switches from giving the two of them the stinkeye to casing me like I’m crazy enough to follow their plan. Which for a swift moment I did ponder. Except there was no clean exit for a get away.

See how the company you keep can pull you towards the dark side of the force??


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