Boiled Eggs – A Learning Opportunity


So my BFF Messy Jessy mentioned to me last week that adding protein to my breakfast would help my metabolism speed up. Since I liked boiled eggs, I thought that boiled eggs would be perfect!!

So like a good little chunky bride, I set off to work with my breakfast and lunch packed, as usual. Instead of just my normal oatmeal and fruit (see my "Chunky Bride" blog post on, I packed a freshly boiled egg. Yippee!

So here I am at work, eating my oatmeal (which now tastes better since I’ve improved my technique) and my hardboiled egg. I felt so proud of eating healthy!!

What Messy Jessy DIDN’T tell me is to NEVER eat a hardboiled egg at your desk. So I blame what happens next entirely on her.

I ate breakfast around 9am. It is lunchtime and I am still engulfed in that trademark egg fart smell. I accidentally threw the eggshells and yolk into my trash! I have even tied the bag shut, but it’s no use.

I’m heading to the kitchen to dispose of my bag of egg fart shame. See?? THIS IS WHAT COMES OF EATING HEALTHY!!!! This kinda ish never happens when you eat fruity pebbles for breakfast. Just saying.


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  1. Boiled eggs are bad but they are good protein and will fill you up so try cooking them different ways instead of boiling them. How about scrambling them with some sausage or bacon and wrapping them in a flour burrito shell. Maybe even add some cheese? Then just heat them in your microwave and they are perfect!

    • No way! I’ll keep eating boiled eggs, I will just peel them before I come to work and not do it at my desk. No sausage, or bacon or cheese… that’s just unwanted extra fat, and that’s what I need to cut down on. Thanks for the suggestion, though! It might be a good quick weekend breakfast 🙂

      • Got it. I eat such small amounts of food that I don’t think about the fat content. And that is a big breakfast for me too. If you peel them first then maybe put them in a plastic container, the smell will be gone but will it linger after that?

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