There Are No Term Limits On Forgiveness


I was reading this article earlier, “A Teacher, A Student and a 39-year-long lesson in forgiveness”. It was an amazing story about how one act of a young man’s life stuck with him for years. Please read – it’s totally worth it.


Everyone has SOMETHING, SOME  THING that you wish you hadn’t done or said. If you could take it back, would you? Is it a choice that affected your life down the road somehow? As the character Merida says in the new movie Brave: “if you could change your fate, would you?”

What if changing the outcome of that one thing would change your life now? Is that something you’re willing to give up?


Deep thoughts for a Thursday afternoon.


Anyway… after thinking for a bit, I came up with a few things I’d ask forgiveness for:


A Few People I’d Ask For Forgiveness From:

  1. My Sisters: For not appreciating them more when I was younger. I love them so much. Mid Sis and Lil Sis are an incredibly good time, even though we all have distinctly different personalities. I can’t help but wonder what good times I must have missed out on by not embracing them sooner. This sounds stupid but as I meet more and more people with estranged family drama I am grateful for what I’ve got.
  2. My Grandparents for not calling more.
  3. Anyone I’ve ever talked about behind their back. It’s a shitty feeling, hearing that someone’s said crappy things about you when you’re not around. It makes me feel bad that I’ve done that to other people and been the cause of discord and distrust. It doesn’t matter if you think they’re cool, you’re completely indifferent or wish they’d step on a rake: talking behind someone’s back, saying things you would not say to their face is BAD.
  4. A fellow stage manager for bailing on her during the run of a theater show one fall back in college.
  5. Myself, for being so hard on myself at times, and not giving myself enough credit at other times. As RuPaul says “If you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love someone else?!” In the past, my battles with self esteem have made my life a mess.


Honestly, this list coudl continue. Once you start playing that game you realize that there are probably quite a few people that you could ask forgiveness from. Isn’t it better to try and live without letting those opportunities slip by so fast? Let’s be honest – to say that you’ll make sure that you never have to apologize to anyone again is crazy; but do your best to treat people right and just try owning up to your actions. I think it’s a great habit to develop. I’d rather learn to own up to my mistakes than reflect back on my life and see a stream of hurt and broken people I’ve left behind.


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