So this happened.. again!


So a dear friend/ co-worker send me the picture below via text last week, alerting me to the reappearance of the Mysterious Bathroom Stall Newspaper Bandit:

I was so busy with odds and ends this week that I never got around to posting a commentary on it. Eventually I just decided that I was not going to blog about this BUT then today, when I entered the same bathroom, I encountered this.

If you’re thinking that I just mistakenly posted the same photo from above, you’re wrong. I encountered the same newspaper combo as my dear friend/coworker had the week before (we can only hope it was a different edition of the paper), I was just too lazy to take a new picture of it. I mean, what’s the point? We keep finding newspapers in the bathroom! It’s so bizarre!!! Again I am forced to ask WHAT WOMAN HAS THE AUDACITY TO TUCK THE MORNING PAPER UNDER HER ARM AND HEAD INTO THE WOMEN’S BATHROOM… at work?!?

I’m not going to lie – I have a cabinet in my home bathroom, and one of the shelves has magazines and books for leisurely reading while I’m sitting on my throne. I REFUSE to bring a periodical with me into the bathroom while at work, though. Why can’t the Mysterious Bathroom Stall Newspaper Bandit just play Words with Friends on their phone like everyone else does when “doing their business”?

I believe I’ve reported in the past that we’d found the wanted section in there before. These days it seems to be just the crossword section and comics section.

Theories are flying about who the perp could be… not to shame the person but just to… you know, KNOW who’s doing this. It’s just so funny and bizarre, and just a tiny piece of my office culture.

On an un-related note, I’ve eaten so much dairy lately, that my lactose-intolerant system is having a hard time processing it, and I haven’t farted all day. They’re like, stuck up there! Not sure what to do, worried that eventually I’ll implode on myself and disperse in a cloud of horrid fumes and shame.

Just wanted to share some of the randomness of my day.

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