ugh…people and politics, take 2


For some reason the post got truncated the first time around! Here’s the full conversation:


This is my conversation with Ojeda today about Chick Fil A, same sex marriage, and people’s Facebook rants. Thoughts?



From: Ojeda
To: Sunburnt Peach
Subject: ugh…people and politics


So remember how you were telling me about friends on your FB posting stuff about Chick A Fil or Chick Filet A (however it’s called)?  Well, now I have people on my FB popping out of the woodworks with the same ranting.  I’m surprised at the amount of intolerance spewing out of people demanding tolerance.


I don’t mean to generalize; but it’s come to the point where people’s opinions are “my way or the highway”.  And it makes me sick.


Don’t like the company’s…correction…the CEO/owner’s stance on marriage?  Fine, boycott the chain.  Keep in mind these businesses are franchises.  The franchise owner and his/her staff are affected by you avoiding the business.  You don’t care and wish to continue boycotting?  Fine by me, too.  It’s your right.


But I just read an article where a Chicago official is going to refuse a permit for a Chicka Fila in an area.  Really?  So now because the owner’s politics don’t go hand-in-hand with the mayor they’re not allowed to setup shop?  Since when did government mandate based on business contributions?


It’s a shame.  Seriously….I understand boycotting based on your stance.  But deliberately punishing the company based on their right to choose where their money should go is absurd.


::jumps off the soap box::


I’m sorry I wrote this to you.  Now I’m bothering you through email!

From: Sunburnt Peach
To: Ojeda
Subject: RE: ugh…people and politics


Okay… here’s the thing.


Before I even respond to this, understand that I DO NOT want to get into a debate about politics, same sex marriage or Chick Fil A. I agree, everyone is entitled to their opinion, and no one has to agree with anyone else’s opinion. I just find arguing about this kind stuff exhausting and frustrating, and I’ve already hidden one person’s feed today because sometimes this stuff makes me sick.



I agree, Chick Fil A has a right to believe whatever they want… conversely, people that don’t agree with Chick Fil A have a right to believe whatever THEY want. One way that we show our agreement with an organization’s choices is through our own choice – to buy what they’re selling, or to not. I was mostly irritated last week about the Chick Fil A article influx because my friend in question has an “overkill” kind of personality… he will find 12 articles on the same subject and post them all when one or two might be enough, and when you don’t agree, argue you down and suggest that you’re a bad, hateful person because you don’t. He was literally sabotaging his own agenda. LOL.


My fundamental issue with Chick Fil A is that I do not like the idea that ANYONE can base discriminating against a group of people on something they found in the Bible. IS THIS HOW YOU INTERPRET THE WORD OF GOD? By hating others and putting your money towards it??? I’m tired of people structuring their whole belief systems around one part of the Bible, and thinking that means they can forget the rest that focuses on love and forgiveness. At the end of the day, Jesus urged us to judge not, and he urged us to love others. I am not comfortable with the idea of eating in a restaurant whose corporate headquarters sends funds to organizations designed specifically to assert their religious belief structure as part of the law. Once upon a time in this country horrible things were done to minorities, African Americans and Native Americans, and there were “religious” people back then had the audacity to argue that this was based on a Biblical text that talked about subjugating sons of Ham (Africans). People used Bible verses to explain why keeping black people enslaved was just and correct. Slaves should obey their masters and respect their place in the system. It makes me sick to think of it.


Further, I am NOT saying that churches should be required to perform same sex marriages, but I don’t see anything wrong with governments recognizing same sex unions, especially in terms of benefits and care. We built this country on a separation of church and state, so asserting your particular religious beliefs as more correct and therefore worthy of being followed as part of the law, violates the spirit of this foundation. I have struggled with my conscience over this a great deal – I get why some people think being gay or being in a legally recognized same sex union is wrong, but that doesn’t mean it should be against the law. Anytime something isn’t “normal” or is “uncomfortable” it freaks that certain group of people out, and they work to stamp it out. I really do put being uncomfortable with gay relationships on the same par as being uncomfortable with interracial relationships. People still stare at me and the BFE like we are a freak show. Seriously, why do people care so much??? How does recognizing the emotional bonds of a couple affect you if it’s not even your relationship?


Part of the reason I feel so strongly is because not too long ago, back in the 60’s, in most of the South it would have been against the law for the BFE and I to get married. People went to JAIL for marrying outside of their race. It seems crazy now – why would anyone care what other people were doing? – but that’s how it was. It wasn’t until the Loving case went to the Supreme Court that this was overturned. How can I, having been accorded the rights to love and marry as I please, restrict that from someone else? If the BFE was sick in the hospital and needed someone to make serious decisions on his behalf, I am responsible for this. If someone hadn’t stood up for me, I wouldn’t have this right today. How can I strip that away from another loved one?


That being said – I know there are MANY people, someone of which are my friends – that feel differently. I get both sides. I’m just tired of seeing people parrot things that their minister/ husband/ family/ church group have told them, instead of looking into their own hearts and making that decision. Jesus said love the LEAST of us. How can you love someone if you’re busy telling them that they’re horrible people?


Now THAT being said, I think the Mayor of Boston was out of line for what he said about Chick Fil A being unwelcome in his city. I get that he opposes them coming into Boston, but he technically cannot prevent them from coming, as long as they are within the zoning and permit ordinances. Chick Fil A needs to stick with chicken sandwiches, and the Mayor of Boston needs to stick with… mayoring. You know what I mean. Same for the Chicago official… I think he was just saying that to look good. If he tries to REALLY stop them, the city could get sued. Ha, ironically, it could be a discrimination suit.


As far as dealing with the noise of this stuff on Facebook: I think at this point you’ve got people on both sides trying to shout over the over side. It’s tiring, and it’s making it harder for me to stick with my promise to not post anything political on Facebook. It’s hard. I mean, I come to Facebook to see what’s going on in the lives of my friends and family, not to get brainwashed into whatever’s the drama of the day. But I can unsubscribe from the feed of the ignorant. So that’s what I started doing. So far I have unsubscribed from the feed of two people, one from each side J. I would advise you to do the same! It helps, it really does.


Right now I’m quietly boycotting Chick Fil A. This is actually the first time I’ve even said it out loud to someone besides BFE. I agree – if you wanna boycott CFA, do it without blasting it all over facebook every 15 minutes. If you wanna support CFA, do it without cluttering my Facebook feed with your nonsense. I’m having a hard time avoiding Chick Fil A. I love their food, but I don’t feel like I would enjoy eating there right now. It would be like sawdust in my mouth. I don’t believe that every franchise owner subscribes to this corporate stance (and some of them are going to be hurt by this whole mess), but I think that walking into my local CFA establishment would feel – personally – like I was putting that stamp of approval on Mr. Cathy’s view of what constitutes Biblical beliefs. I struggle constantly to determine my life’s purpose, and to find ways to help my fellow man. Supporting companies that are fine with making someone feel less than is not part of my life’s purpose.


You know I’m gonna totally blog this, right??



From: Ojeda
To: Sunburnt Peach
Subject: RE: ugh…people and politics


You’re such a breath of fresh air.  At first when I saw your soliloquy response I thought I awakened a sleeping dragon.  But everything you said is spot-on to what I think (save for the whole bi-racial relationship…I’ve never been placed in that situation so I can’t speak on my behalf, but I can empathize).  I am just as frustrated and it was never my intention to compose a rant to you.  It’s just I didn’t know who else to turn to since it was boiling up in me.  I thought it through for a while and I think I’m going to begin my own blog, too.  For a long time I’ve had a Tumblr account which I never used.  Today I stumbled on a tumblr site (see how witty that was?) and thought maybe I should use mine as opposed to Facebook.  Don’t like my posts?  Ignore my page.  FB, though it gives you an option to hide the posts, first throws it in your face.  In the case of a blog, people would need to visit you to read it through…So I may do that.


In any case, I want to apologize for the email.  It wasn’t my intentions to compel you to write back or even read the email.  Like I said, I just needed to speak my mind but I wanted to make sure it was to someone level-headed (now I’m being semi-sarcastic) and open to other’s perspectives.


Write all you want in your blog about this.  It’ll just enhance my celebrity status and spawn more followers 😉


–         Ojeda




I wonder, will we “spawn” more follower and boost Ojeda’s celebrity status (he met one of my readers last week and it was an unhealthy boost to his already inflated ego!!), or will we get “burned” by commenters for what we believe?



Wishing you all peace, love and peaches,


The Sunburnt Peach



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  1. Right-on Renee! I totally agree. It is definitely unfortunate that he contributes CFA money to such repressive organizations, I do(did) love me some Chick-fil-A. :-/

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