ugh…people and politics


This is my conversation with Ojeda today about Chick Fil A, same sex marriage, and people’s Facebook rants. Thoughts?

From: Ojeda
To: Sunburnt Peach
Subject: ugh…people and politics

So remember how you were telling me about friends on your FB posting stuff about Chick A Fil or Chick Filet A (however it’s called)? Well, now I have people on my FB popping out of the woodworks with the same ranting. I’m surprised at the amount of intolerance spewing out of people demanding tolerance.

I don’t mean to generalize; but it’s come to the point where people’s opinions are “my way or the highway”. And it makes me sick.

Don’t like the company’s…correction…the CEO/owner’s stance on marriage? Fine, boycott the chain. Keep in mind these businesses are franchises. The franchise owner and his/her staff are affected by you avoiding the business. You don’t care and wish to continue boycotting? Fine by me, too. It’s your right.

But I just read an article where a Chicago official is going to refuse a permit for a Chicka Fila in an area. Really? So now because the owner’s politics don’t go hand-in-hand with the mayor they’re not allowed to setup shop? Since when did government mandate based on business contributions?

It’s a shame. Seriously….I understand boycotting based on your stance. But deliberately punishing the company based on their right to choose where their money should go is absurd.

::jumps off the soap box::

I’m sorry I wrote this to you. Now I’m bothering you through email!


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  1. Yes and I’m shocked it was copied and pasted to the blog. I figured Renee was going to post her thoughts about the discussion 🙂

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