15 Minutes at Publix


The BFE was having a rough start this morning so I offered to – gasp – make breakfast! This thoughtful act required me to go to the store, so off I went.

In the 15 minutes at Publix:

1. Publix employee apparently had a death wish, as he launched himself off the curb in front of my car. WTH ??

2. Cute little girl that looked like Cindy Look Hook with her pigtails and headband.

3. Discovering my local Publix carries a variety of syrups beside Aunt Jemima, including Vermont syrups, which is great because the BFD is obsessed with Vermont.

4. When did just plain old bacon get so expensive??

5. Grandpa shopping with his young grandson. They were in my way but so adorable.

6. Woman in front of me in line using coupons for virtually every item in her buggy full of groceries and then paying with a check. Didn’t know grocery stores still took those!

7. Bag girl in Publix asking each customer if plastic was ok, like each person was her first customer of the day. Love that.

8. Wanting to punch the owner of a car with a bumper sticker that reads "caution: I drive like a cullen". Douche.

9. Guy spits as he walks into the store. Ew. Really??

Lol. On my way home now!


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