Ok, I did something bad today: I skipped out of my workout a little early to go get my hair did. Don’t judge, a girl’s gotta maintain that ‘do. When you’re a big girl, looking cute is all you’ve got!!


Skipping out early put me on Orange Avenue, the road I take to the hairdresser’s, a little early. I think it was destined to be, ’cause you won’t BELIEVE the foolishness I saw pulling out of the SoDo SuperTarget: a PINK honda!! With car lashes! I realize there are probably a fww skeptcis reading this. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes I would not believe it either. Or – maybesome of you are unsurprised. First of all, I consider it SACRILEGE to DESECRATE your Honda by paintingit PINK. Now I consider pink to be my davorite color (mostly because I look so darn cute wearing it) but pink is not a factory standard color for Hondas. As a hardcore “ride or die” Honda owner, I am appalled that someone would dothis, whatever theirintentions may be. This chick took it beyond the carlashes and pink body paint. She had the word “princess” stenciled in cursive in the rear window. Seriously? That does not make you a princess – it , akes you an idiot. Oh, and I almost left out how she blinged out the door handles with crystals and rhinestones. I wish I had a picture of this, because no one will believe me. Now let’s talk about the car lashes. What in the world???


I think these things are stupid. Ok, maybe not stupid, but just too epically girly for my taste… says the girl whose favorite color is pink AND watches both say yes to the dress AND say yes to the dress bridesmaids. 🙂 What is the point?? And I felt a little self-conscious about slapping my Disney Annual Passholder magnet on my car’s butt, and there arw people running the streets with fake lashes on their car, in an attempt to make their cars seem like they’re people-like.


Granted, I named my car – Susie Miranda – but the only spa treatments and makeover she gets is with soap and a hose. Honestly, even if I decided to dress her up a bit I would skip the lashes and go this way:


Yeah… even though I call my Honda “Susie Miranda” and refer to her infwminie terms I would slap a mustache on her before I would touch the abominable car lash thingies. Besides, it’s not that weird… we all k ow a girlor two with a ‘stache. 🙂


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  1. Once again, you have cracked me up. I however do not see an issue with car lashes, but only if they are on a car that can handle it.. a Mini or a VW bug. and painted pink with crystals.. go with your bad self, i hope you own a spa or something worth getting that kind of attention. NOW.. you have to be the kind of girl that gets her lashes done.. if you aren’t.. then they should be plucked off your car with a pair of needle nose plyers and no glue remover. 🙂

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