What Changed?




So – totally random (not that random’s anything new on this blog).

Flipping through the channels trying to find something to watch while working on the laptop, and I see the “Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Part 1” is on Showtime. I haven’t seen that movie since it left theaters, so I switched it on.

I was a semi-closeted fan of this series, and snuck away to go watch the last 3 movies with my friends Ojeda and Russell-Ho, neither of which were keen on sharing their Twilight love with anyone else. So the three of us plotted together to be “Twilight Buddies” and go see each film under the cover of darkness. Afterwards, we chatted the film over and it was so great because NO ONE could understand how AWESOME the movies were.

Now here I am, watching this movie a year or so later and OMG. What a train wreck. What was I thinking? What changed in that time?

Things I’ve Noticed Whilst Watching “Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Part 1”:

  1. The wedding is corny. But it’s also funny too, so at least there’s a win.
  2. Edward’s “look at me I’m a moody vampire with a conscience” makeup is REALLY very gray in some scenes. Like, HOW CAN PEOPLE NOT KNOW HE’S A VAMPIRE? Helloooo
  3. Am I a b!tchy bride? Because her dress is kinda fugly. Is that mean?
  4. Bella has tiny, tiny boobs. Like creepy tiny, and her fake hair is like, kinda bad
  5. The imprinting on a little kid thing is just weird. WEIRD. Weeeird!!!!
  6. I feel like this portion of the series is like a morality tale against abortion… just saying. JUST SAYING.
  7. Jasper’s hair is so funny!!
  8. There are clearly some story flaws… for example, does Jacob have little bundles of clothes hidden all over the forests of the tristate area? In one scene his clothes are literally shredding in mid-air as he turns into a wolf… then he will walk out of the forest wearing Hollister’s finest. Does no one else find the weird?
  9. The name Renesmee makes me want to slap pregnant Bella upside the head. Ironically  I named my iPod Bella after reading the 4th book.
  10. Edward never really fully smiles… ever AND he kinda has a bird chest. LOL
  11. The Renesmee baby is a bit creepy. amiright?
  12. The wolf shifting thing is kinda pimp though.

And for the record, I am SO Team Jacob. How can you not be? Although, to be honest, he’s a bit of a drama queen too. Are there any normal boys in Forks??

It’s surprising how embarrassed I feel, realizing that this movie is actually BETTER than the first one, and… GASP… I OWN the first one, because I loved it so much when it came out. At least I wasn’t as bad as my friend Hatake, who TOOK OFF OF WORK to go stand in line and see the first one. Le sigh.


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