Prepping for a 5k – Peach style




I ran my first 5k recently! Sort of.

Well, by “ran”, I mean walked at a decent space.


And by “walked” I meant trotted about in my super cute t-shirt that I pimped out with some fab ribbon:


531618_10100821608721557_1026471918_n 392785_10100821678257207_2083904519_n

And by “first”, I mean my first 5k that I actually finished before the pace golf cart at the end of the race caught up with me. Or as I like to call it, the “poop out cart”.

I was going to say this all started a few weeks ago, but my story goes back much further than that… to the IOA 5k in 2007, when I signed up to run with my coworkers of the hotel that I was working in at the time. Having never been inclined as a runner, and disagreeing with whole running institution in general (back then I was too cute to sweat!!) I was only participating to be social.

Many of my coworkers were significantly more hardcore, with their ipods in arm bands and cool running shoes. While they were warming up and jogging in place, my friend Cyndi Lou and I were searching for the Budweiser tent. Priorities, priorities.

So it was no surprise that we were quickly outstripped when the race started.

We powerwalked our way to the middle of the walker’s pack and really had decent chance of staying there. Then we got to the firestation. The firemen were hot, and we got distracted. Plus, they had a bathroom, and we hadn’t had the foresight to handle our business back at the starting line! Apparently, neither had several people – by the time our turn came, most of the 5k participants were long gone – and we were stuck in the hood by ourselves. The police escort was no where to be found.


That long strange walk back to the finish line was filled with several  act-like-we-belong, don’t-make-contact-with-anyone, yes-i-see-the-little-old-man-tryin-to-holla-at-us-from-his-front-stoop-but-no-i-don’t-want-a-hood-sugar-daddy moments and I learned my lesson: WALK FAST ENOUGH TO NOT GET LEFT.


So at this last 5k I did something kinda bad. I CHEATED!

Maybe 10, 15 yards from the point where the 5k trek made a u-turn at the half-way mark, I saw a friend on the other side. So a quickly trotted across the grass to join her, so I wouldn’t be so far behind. Is that bad???


I am running a 5k this fall, with my BFE! We are participating in a Disney Run, and I have already started training for this one! Well by training, I mean, thinking of costume ideas. You can’t run a Disney run in shorts, you’ll stand out like a sore thumb.


We got some inspiration after cheering our friend Ojeda on at a Diseny Run not too long ago:



Not really seeing Donald Duck as the direction I’d want to go in, I checked out some of his fellow runner’s costumes, and learned a few things:


1 – You don’t need to work out to get muscles for the race!




2 – Make sure your costume is always easily found in a crowd:



3 – You can get sweaty and run your butt and do it all in a princess gown.




4 – Never run alone! Make sure you have a posse of pups – I mean peeps. 🙂




5 – Spandex is cute for Halloween but a bit too confining for a 5k… just ask this couple. 🙂



The last 5k I didn’t even work on pimping out my runner’s shirt until the night before, and I’m already 6 months ahead. I am so READY for this 5k!!!!!


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