The day I ruined “Pay It Forward Friday” at the Dunkin Donuts


So it’s Friday. You know what that means, right?

(apart from “Pants Off Friday”, a ritual into which I’ve indoctrinated the Bean)

Friday is the day that I get Dunkin Donuts coffee!

It’s a treat that keeps on giving for the rest of the morning – restlessness, stomach upset, increased heart and breathing rate, agitation, ringing in the ears, and irregular heartbeats (thanks WebMd). It’s bad for you and delicious and like Mother’s Milk to this mama on the go. I take mine with cream and sugar and DD always know how to get it JUST RIGHT.



So there I am, in the pre-dawn darkness of the Dunkin Donuts drive-through at 6:30 am, and I pull up to the window to pay my $7 tab. I hand DD Drive Through Lady my card. She hesitates, gives me a funny look and finally says “Um, the lady in front of your paid your tab”.

“Oh, wow!” I exclaim. “That’s so nice!! I’ll pay the person behind me. How much is theirs?” This is my first pay it forward in the drive-through experience and I was so excited. I’d read about them on Facebook, and couldn’t wait to take part.

“The total of the person behind you is $22.30.”

I gasped.

What the heck were they buying? Medical grade marijuana??? I’m guessing just a few dozens for their office, but GEEEEEZ. I can’t afford that, when bringing up Bean has made my budget so tight I’ve become a (cue 2nd gasp) COUPONER… Trust me, Enfamil and Pampers has me on their mailing list using their coupons faithfully and I’ve learned to stack coupons like a BOSS. Not to mention using the Target Cartwheel App AND the Publix App!! DD is really a luxury I shouldn’t be getting in the first place, not to mention it is not helping me lose the weight I desperately need to shed.

I offered to pay a portion of their bill, and DD Drive Through Lady calls the manager over, and they stare at the cash register, trying to figure out how to do it. Eventually the manager apologizes, and tells me that they can only split the total if I give them cash, which, in 2014, I barely keep 50 cents on me. At this point, I’ve help up the line wayyyy longer than necessary, so I apologize, and drive away, completely embarrassed that I have now Ruined It For Everyone and (cue 3rd gasp) held up the DD Drive Through line, keeping others from getting their coffee faster.

This was my chance to keep the Pay it Forward going, and I broke it!!! Of course this would be my luck. I’ve been agonizing over this all day. I’ve got to Pay It Forward again somewhere. What should I do??


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