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The day I ruined “Pay It Forward Friday” at the Dunkin Donuts


So it’s Friday. You know what that means, right?

(apart from “Pants Off Friday”, a ritual into which I’ve indoctrinated the Bean)

Friday is the day that I get Dunkin Donuts coffee!

It’s a treat that keeps on giving for the rest of the morning – restlessness, stomach upset, increased heart and breathing rate, agitation, ringing in the ears, and irregular heartbeats (thanks WebMd). It’s bad for you and delicious and like Mother’s Milk to this mama on the go. I take mine with cream and sugar and DD always know how to get it JUST RIGHT.



So there I am, in the pre-dawn darkness of the Dunkin Donuts drive-through at 6:30 am, and I pull up to the window to pay my $7 tab. I hand DD Drive Through Lady my card. She hesitates, gives me a funny look and finally says “Um, the lady in front of your paid your tab”.

“Oh, wow!” I exclaim. “That’s so nice!! I’ll pay the person behind me. How much is theirs?” This is my first pay it forward in the drive-through experience and I was so excited. I’d read about them on Facebook, and couldn’t wait to take part.

“The total of the person behind you is $22.30.”

I gasped.

What the heck were they buying? Medical grade marijuana??? I’m guessing just a few dozens for their office, but GEEEEEZ. I can’t afford that, when bringing up Bean has made my budget so tight I’ve become a (cue 2nd gasp) COUPONER… Trust me, Enfamil and Pampers has me on their mailing list using their coupons faithfully and I’ve learned to stack coupons like a BOSS. Not to mention using the Target Cartwheel App AND the Publix App!! DD is really a luxury I shouldn’t be getting in the first place, not to mention it is not helping me lose the weight I desperately need to shed.

I offered to pay a portion of their bill, and DD Drive Through Lady calls the manager over, and they stare at the cash register, trying to figure out how to do it. Eventually the manager apologizes, and tells me that they can only split the total if I give them cash, which, in 2014, I barely keep 50 cents on me. At this point, I’ve help up the line wayyyy longer than necessary, so I apologize, and drive away, completely embarrassed that I have now Ruined It For Everyone and (cue 3rd gasp) held up the DD Drive Through line, keeping others from getting their coffee faster.

This was my chance to keep the Pay it Forward going, and I broke it!!! Of course this would be my luck. I’ve been agonizing over this all day. I’ve got to Pay It Forward again somewhere. What should I do??


Perspective and Restored Faith


Every now and then, the stress of planning and paying for our wedding really overwhelms me, and I’m literally gasping with panic and rocking back and forth like a traumatized 5-year old. The weight of everything – work, wedding, life – comes crashing down at once. I’m fortunate that I have my BFE, who is very good and helping pull me up and save me from drowning.


One of those moments happened a few days ago – complaints about how extravagant our wedding was, stress about working too much, not seeing each other enough in our waking hours – it was all too much to bear. I was sad and worried. and was up rather late worrying about all my problems.


The next day, I went into work, still stressed out and now tired from a night of minimal sleep, and beaten from thinking too much about it all, I found myself pouring out my mess to a co-worker. Without even expecting it, I got a little perspective.


My coworker has been married for over 20 years, and for several of the last few years his wife has been living and working in another state. Not a commuter deal, literally two different households, two different states, no, two different REGIONS of the country. They sometimes go weeks and months without seeing each other because the price of travel is so cost-prohibitive, but they make it work. And while I’m bummed about BFE’s schedule for the next 6 months, that he’s working too hard, or we don’t see each other as much as I’d like, well this dude’s going to be living several states away from his wife for at least another year. 


It was a cold slap to the face, and a reminder of all my blessings. I felt a bit spoiled and a bit “first world problems”-ish.




I can’t say I won’t get fussed about those issues anymore, but I know that I’ll be counting my blessings a lot faster than racking up my woes.


And just when I thought my heart couldn’t take any more… I went to the Chick-Fil-A today.


I know. Not that big of a deal. I got my usual, and as I turned from the counter, I saw this big group of military folks, lining up for their lunch. 


I tried not to stare, but I always find them so interesting. As I’m grabbing my packets of ketchup and napkins, I hear people murmuring to the soldiers, “thank you for serving”. 


“Thank you for serving”. I starting to really think about what that means. Standing in the presence of people whose job it is to protect our country gives you perspective too. 


My friend and I sit and eat, and it just so happens that the soldiers all sit in our section. AS we’re talking, my gaze kept turning to them, watching them eat like… like normal people. Seriously, I know I sound crazy, but I find them all so fascinating. 


All of my sneak creeping on the military peeps meant that I saw the two Chick Fil A people approach with a big tray. They thanked them all for their service to our country, and gave them free ice cream. It was nothing huge, but it felt like a big gesture. I felt warm all over. 


All week I’ve been working with a client whose job is computer investigation, like the folks that weed out child pornography, search computers of criminals, and keep cyberspace safe. From these guys I learned how frightening and disturbing a place can be, as well as the people in it. Seeing these Chick Fil A folks say thank you, and hearing random patrons do the same really warmed my heart. 


How easy it is to get sidetracked from the things that matter! Grateful for perspective and restored faith.

Some Observations



  • Does anyone else become immediately suspicious whenever companies announce they are changing something to make it better? For example, when McDonald’s announced they were going to start using white meat in their chicken McNuggets. I was thinking – WHAT HAVEYOU BEEN USING UP UNTIL NOW?!? Ew.
  • Pictures on Facebook that make me want to drive, from my state to yours, just to slap you yell “why?!” and drive home? duck-faces, and “Selfies”. Especially multiple selfies of you in the car wearing sunglasses, doing a duckface. Why?!? Why?
  • Another slappable offense a la facebook: excessive pictures of your food. I could not give a flying fart in space about all the “yummy” things you are preparing for yourself. IF I DON’T GET TO EAT IT, I DON’T CARE. Delete.
  • When you ask someone’s opinion, and they say, “do you really want to know?” Yes I want to know, why would I ask? Do you really want to be a jerk, and you’re just prepping me for your surly response? Probably. Everyone’s got their priorities.
  • Does anyone else get annoyed when they’re stuck behind a driver doing BELOW the speed limit? And when you finally pass them, you rubberneck as you’re trying to get a good look at the fool driver whose lack of skill and urgency is ruining it for everyone behind them?
  • New trick I learned about a month ago: best way to “mainline” an Crystal Light energy mix is to toss it back like it was pixie sticks. Learned this one on accident. I was wriggling like a 6-month old puppy for the next 3 hours.
  • It never fails – every time I “let one go” in my office at work, someone walks in like 2 seconds later. I’ve taken to holding them all in, so I don’t poot-bomb someone! Now by the end of the day I’m like a ticking time bomb waiting until I get to the parking lot. Then… “POOF!!!!” Gotta let it out!


Please take all of this with a gain of salt. Sometimes – you just gotta let it out!


Prepping for a 5k – Peach style




I ran my first 5k recently! Sort of.

Well, by “ran”, I mean walked at a decent space.


And by “walked” I meant trotted about in my super cute t-shirt that I pimped out with some fab ribbon:


531618_10100821608721557_1026471918_n 392785_10100821678257207_2083904519_n

And by “first”, I mean my first 5k that I actually finished before the pace golf cart at the end of the race caught up with me. Or as I like to call it, the “poop out cart”.

I was going to say this all started a few weeks ago, but my story goes back much further than that… to the IOA 5k in 2007, when I signed up to run with my coworkers of the hotel that I was working in at the time. Having never been inclined as a runner, and disagreeing with whole running institution in general (back then I was too cute to sweat!!) I was only participating to be social.

Many of my coworkers were significantly more hardcore, with their ipods in arm bands and cool running shoes. While they were warming up and jogging in place, my friend Cyndi Lou and I were searching for the Budweiser tent. Priorities, priorities.

So it was no surprise that we were quickly outstripped when the race started.

We powerwalked our way to the middle of the walker’s pack and really had decent chance of staying there. Then we got to the firestation. The firemen were hot, and we got distracted. Plus, they had a bathroom, and we hadn’t had the foresight to handle our business back at the starting line! Apparently, neither had several people – by the time our turn came, most of the 5k participants were long gone – and we were stuck in the hood by ourselves. The police escort was no where to be found.


That long strange walk back to the finish line was filled with several  act-like-we-belong, don’t-make-contact-with-anyone, yes-i-see-the-little-old-man-tryin-to-holla-at-us-from-his-front-stoop-but-no-i-don’t-want-a-hood-sugar-daddy moments and I learned my lesson: WALK FAST ENOUGH TO NOT GET LEFT.


So at this last 5k I did something kinda bad. I CHEATED!

Maybe 10, 15 yards from the point where the 5k trek made a u-turn at the half-way mark, I saw a friend on the other side. So a quickly trotted across the grass to join her, so I wouldn’t be so far behind. Is that bad???


I am running a 5k this fall, with my BFE! We are participating in a Disney Run, and I have already started training for this one! Well by training, I mean, thinking of costume ideas. You can’t run a Disney run in shorts, you’ll stand out like a sore thumb.


We got some inspiration after cheering our friend Ojeda on at a Diseny Run not too long ago:



Not really seeing Donald Duck as the direction I’d want to go in, I checked out some of his fellow runner’s costumes, and learned a few things:


1 – You don’t need to work out to get muscles for the race!




2 – Make sure your costume is always easily found in a crowd:



3 – You can get sweaty and run your butt and do it all in a princess gown.




4 – Never run alone! Make sure you have a posse of pups – I mean peeps. 🙂




5 – Spandex is cute for Halloween but a bit too confining for a 5k… just ask this couple. 🙂



The last 5k I didn’t even work on pimping out my runner’s shirt until the night before, and I’m already 6 months ahead. I am so READY for this 5k!!!!!

What Changed?




So – totally random (not that random’s anything new on this blog).

Flipping through the channels trying to find something to watch while working on the laptop, and I see the “Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Part 1” is on Showtime. I haven’t seen that movie since it left theaters, so I switched it on.

I was a semi-closeted fan of this series, and snuck away to go watch the last 3 movies with my friends Ojeda and Russell-Ho, neither of which were keen on sharing their Twilight love with anyone else. So the three of us plotted together to be “Twilight Buddies” and go see each film under the cover of darkness. Afterwards, we chatted the film over and it was so great because NO ONE could understand how AWESOME the movies were.

Now here I am, watching this movie a year or so later and OMG. What a train wreck. What was I thinking? What changed in that time?

Things I’ve Noticed Whilst Watching “Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Part 1”:

  1. The wedding is corny. But it’s also funny too, so at least there’s a win.
  2. Edward’s “look at me I’m a moody vampire with a conscience” makeup is REALLY very gray in some scenes. Like, HOW CAN PEOPLE NOT KNOW HE’S A VAMPIRE? Helloooo
  3. Am I a b!tchy bride? Because her dress is kinda fugly. Is that mean?
  4. Bella has tiny, tiny boobs. Like creepy tiny, and her fake hair is like, kinda bad
  5. The imprinting on a little kid thing is just weird. WEIRD. Weeeird!!!!
  6. I feel like this portion of the series is like a morality tale against abortion… just saying. JUST SAYING.
  7. Jasper’s hair is so funny!!
  8. There are clearly some story flaws… for example, does Jacob have little bundles of clothes hidden all over the forests of the tristate area? In one scene his clothes are literally shredding in mid-air as he turns into a wolf… then he will walk out of the forest wearing Hollister’s finest. Does no one else find the weird?
  9. The name Renesmee makes me want to slap pregnant Bella upside the head. Ironically  I named my iPod Bella after reading the 4th book.
  10. Edward never really fully smiles… ever AND he kinda has a bird chest. LOL
  11. The Renesmee baby is a bit creepy. amiright?
  12. The wolf shifting thing is kinda pimp though.

And for the record, I am SO Team Jacob. How can you not be? Although, to be honest, he’s a bit of a drama queen too. Are there any normal boys in Forks??

It’s surprising how embarrassed I feel, realizing that this movie is actually BETTER than the first one, and… GASP… I OWN the first one, because I loved it so much when it came out. At least I wasn’t as bad as my friend Hatake, who TOOK OFF OF WORK to go stand in line and see the first one. Le sigh.



Ok, I did something bad today: I skipped out of my workout a little early to go get my hair did. Don’t judge, a girl’s gotta maintain that ‘do. When you’re a big girl, looking cute is all you’ve got!!


Skipping out early put me on Orange Avenue, the road I take to the hairdresser’s, a little early. I think it was destined to be, ’cause you won’t BELIEVE the foolishness I saw pulling out of the SoDo SuperTarget: a PINK honda!! With car lashes! I realize there are probably a fww skeptcis reading this. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes I would not believe it either. Or – maybesome of you are unsurprised. First of all, I consider it SACRILEGE to DESECRATE your Honda by paintingit PINK. Now I consider pink to be my davorite color (mostly because I look so darn cute wearing it) but pink is not a factory standard color for Hondas. As a hardcore “ride or die” Honda owner, I am appalled that someone would dothis, whatever theirintentions may be. This chick took it beyond the carlashes and pink body paint. She had the word “princess” stenciled in cursive in the rear window. Seriously? That does not make you a princess – it , akes you an idiot. Oh, and I almost left out how she blinged out the door handles with crystals and rhinestones. I wish I had a picture of this, because no one will believe me. Now let’s talk about the car lashes. What in the world???


I think these things are stupid. Ok, maybe not stupid, but just too epically girly for my taste… says the girl whose favorite color is pink AND watches both say yes to the dress AND say yes to the dress bridesmaids. 🙂 What is the point?? And I felt a little self-conscious about slapping my Disney Annual Passholder magnet on my car’s butt, and there arw people running the streets with fake lashes on their car, in an attempt to make their cars seem like they’re people-like.


Granted, I named my car – Susie Miranda – but the only spa treatments and makeover she gets is with soap and a hose. Honestly, even if I decided to dress her up a bit I would skip the lashes and go this way:


Yeah… even though I call my Honda “Susie Miranda” and refer to her infwminie terms I would slap a mustache on her before I would touch the abominable car lash thingies. Besides, it’s not that weird… we all k ow a girlor two with a ‘stache. 🙂