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$hit just got real, yall


I finally bought a wedding dress!!!

Read more about my dress experience here: I’m hoping to post again soon to I can share my “bridal show meets jersey shore” bridal expo visit in detail.


So read my post!!! …or you can always follow me on Twitter @sunburntpeach if you want to keep up with my wedding posts that way *shamelesspluginserted*


Messy Jessy is here!


Trying to not pee in my pants from excitement!I’ve been waiting for this weekend for like, 2 months.


It’s like Christmas! Only the presents are people (and krispy kreme donuts)!


Messy Jessy is here!!!




Mess, along with my mom and my sisters are spending the weekend with me so that we can go wedding dress shopping and also scope out  bridesmaid dresses! I am so excited! It feels like I’m truly beginning to get wedding planning underway.


My fam is on their way and should be tonight. Fortunately Mess came down a little early, so we have an afternoon of just BFF time. We’ve started the weekend with a carb fest – lunch at Zaxby’s and a Krispy Kreme drive -through run. After that, a stop at Publix for food to feed the troops and BOOZE! Booze is always the cornerstone of any great girls’ weekend.


Right now we’re drinking “adult capri suns”. i.e. these Seagrams Escapes – Frozen Sangrias and Daquiris, while watching Say Yes to the Dress!! I said the immortal words that everyone says as they start to get old: “I just can’t drink like I used to”. Such a sad thing to say. Fortunately, Messy J is right there with me and we slowly booze our way through the afternoon, while waiting for BFE to get off work and chauffeur us to Food Truck Friday.


I am feeling pretty mellow and happy right now, like my world is spinning just the way it should… I’m getting married to the love of my life, my best friend and mom and sisters are coming to visit, and my house is stocked with frozen sangrias, champagne and krispy kremes.


My cup of joy is overflowing 🙂


Happy Weekend!!


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I feel like the term “BrideZilla” is thrown around a little too loosely these days, thanks to WE TV. I’m not going to pretend I don’t watch that show (if you haven’t seen it, do! ASAP! It’s hilarious) so perhaps I’m guilty of being easily influenced by this show as well. The minute someone refers to a bride to be as a “BrideZilla” I get irritated. Immediately.

There is a BIG difference between a BrideZilla and a bride that expects great, efficient and attentive service and expresses her opinion. I recently watch an episode where a bride smashed her fist through a gift her friend made, and another destroyed a cake at the bakery because she didn’t get the answer I wanted. Oh, and another one dumped a pail of water on her sister in bed because she didn’t wake up and snap to attention immediately to tend to her needs.

Why is it that whenever a bride mentions having difficulties or disappointment with a florist or caterer or event planner, then immediately someone says “oh, ho ho, you’re not a BrideZilla, are you?” Puh-lease. If someone’s a BrideZilla, not only do you not call them that to their face, but you definitely don’t have to ask. You just KNOW. They make sure you KNOW. Women like that use fear and intimidation to get what they want, and it’s a shame. By contrast, an organized and efficient bride with a plan doesn’t have to use these juvenile tactics. She gets what she wants without throwing cakes, floral arrangements or pouring cold water on relatives.

Now let’s talk about the term “anal retentive”. For me this conjures up images of some straitlaced OCD person with a stick up the bum. Or perhaps some other not-so innocent things. J Usually an anal retentive person smells of cleaning supplies, and freaks out about messes, and folds their underwear. Okay, maybe I do those last two things but still. I don’t think my day to day personality could be called “anal retentive”, but I will freely admit that upon occasion, I can exhibit “anal retentive” qualities. Who doesn’t?

I’ve been called “anal retentive” a few times lately, not because I’ve had explosive episodes of crazy, but that’s the term my family is choosing to describe me when discussing my wedding planning, or my planning in general. They’re so used to me having an itinerary whenever they visit here or I go there that when I told one of my sisters that I hadn’t done their itinerary for next weekend yet, she expressed genuine shock. She wasn’t even being funny – she was genuinely concerned that I was unwell. They’re just used to me being that way. I like to know precisely what the plan is, even if it’s just a “loose guideline”. If I know what’s going on so that I can relax and have fun – I know it sounds weird, but I find that having a plan is comforting. Yet somehow this is translated into being “anal”.

My mom actually dropped the “retentive” part and just called me “anal” when speaking about me to a cruise planner. “She expects a high level of service, if you say you’re going to call her back, call her back. If you say you’re going to do something, do it. She’s VERY detail oriented. You can’t half a$$ ANYTHING. I’m warning you, if you can’t handle that type of expectation, say so now. She’s anal!”

My littlest sis blithely called me “anal retentive” to my face while asking me about planning my shower. She asked if I had a theme in mind, and I gave her my idea (it’s super cute!!! Trust me!!). She kept probing for more, and I told her I was happy to help and give as little or as much input as she wanted. She responded with “I don’t think we’ll need help, I just want to know what you want. You’re really anal retentive about things, so everything has to be on point for your shower. I just want to make sure I do it right”.

THEN, when I was complaining to the middle sis about being called anal she agrees with them. She went so far as to call me “picky”. She’s usually the voice of sanity and reason so I’m starting to wonder if maybe it’s not true.

And let’s not mention the fact that my mom sent an email to many of my friends and my family, with this picture:

Oh wait, nevermind, that was the BFF that sent that! Bringing my anal total up to 4 so far.

Recently, someone asked me how the wedding planning was going, and if I’d turned into a “BrideZilla” yet. I was a little offended. Okay, correction: I was REALLY offended. Now I’m starting to worry that I’ll work so hard to not come off like a crazy BrideZilla person that I’ll appear indecisive, nervous, sappy sweet and anxious to please others. In short, a dithery pain in the a$$ kinda bride. I DO NOT WANT TO BE THIS PERSON. It’s against everything I believe in. Lord help me from being that needy pain in the rear end kinda bride. I’d choke myself to death. Hopefully, my OCD/ picky/ anal retentive personality will win out.

If I’m honest with myself I guess I don’t really mind being called “anal retentive”. It’s an annoying descriptive, but probably fairly true. If people label me as such, and treat me in kind, at least I’m setting a level of expectation and will get the things I need without any fuss. I’m really all bark and very little bite, but no one needs to know this. J If I get great service as I’m planning my wedding because they’re all fearful of displeasing me and turning me into a BrideZilla I guess I don’t care. I know I’m not one, and I can’t imagine getting so worked up that I’d throw champagne bottles at my wedding planner’s head. That’s a waste of perfectly good champagne J. Around here we call that “alcohol abuse”.

Bridal Spam


Ok,  I just posted this on our wedding blog, but for those of you that don’t follow that blog (yet) I had to double dip and share the post I just sent out:



I think I just accidentally started a sh!t storm for David’s Bridal.

A few weeks back, while Dustyn and I were visiting family in Atlanta, I took the opportunity to schedule a wedding dress shopping expedition, where I learned a few things (see my previous post to find out what I learned from wedding dress shopping). In the process of booking my appointment online with David’s Bridal, I had to create a profile and supply my email address.

BIG mistake. HUGE mistake, actually. I have received non-stop emails from DB ever since. It’s actually been so nonstop that it’s been a bit of a turn off. I finally requested that my email address be removed from DB’s list, and after a suggestion from a recently married cousin, decided to start supplying any future vendors with an email address specifically for wedding stuff. It’s been helpful at filtering out the foolishness and helping me to pinpoint the useful stuff without clogging my personal email.

So even though I requested the DB stop sending me emails, I still occasionally get a few… and it turns out that they apparently shared my information WITHOUT MY PERMISSION to some of their vendors. How do I know that? Because I got an email to my personal email address this evening, from a REALTOR, congratulating me on my upcoming wedding, and offering her services when we were ready to buy our future house. Did I mention that I went dress shopping in Atlanta? We live in Central Florida… hmmph.

What I also noticed was that the realtor sent the email to about 24 other brides… because she copied them all on the email. Not blind copied, just pasted their email addresses right into the “To” field next to mine.

In my irritation, I wrote the following email:

Subject: Re: David’s Bridal
Wow. I have already asked twice to be removed from all David’s Bridal mailing lists, and I  did NOT give David’s Bridal permission to share my info with you. I am not interested in real estate at the moment… Especially since I live in another state. I am sure many of the other women on this email feel the same way, especially since you failed to blind copy us and thusly shared their info without permission as well. Please remove me from your mailing lists and future communications.
Thank you.

I copied the other brides on my email, and I think that’s what egged this bride on:

I completely agree. I did not give permission to email about anything besides my dress. Please remove me from your email list as well. I do not want my information out for everyone to know. I will be calling Davids Bridal tomorrow and calling corporate over this matter. REMOVE ME FROM THE EMAIL LIST!

Yikes. I think she was even madder than me! I feel a little bad for the realtor… not bad enough to retract my email, but I do feel like the firestarter a little bit  **insert sheepish grin here**

This probably comes off like I’m a psycho BrideZilla or something – I’m not, I promise. At least I don’t think of myself as one. It probably also comes off like I’m so crazily maniacal about sharing my person information – I am, but not to the nth degree. At least I don’t think that I am. I have a blog for heaven’s sake, and I share my personal stuff with my friends on Facebook all the time (sometimes in excess – read: farting). I think there’s a fine line between being provided services you need and having a service provider anticipating your needs while you are allowed to selectively sharing your information, and there’s what amounts to selling your info to realtors in a state that you don’t even live in.

It was a hard lesson to learn – weddings is a booming business for people! Having worked in a hotel before, I already knew this, but just forgot. I didn’t think it really applied to us. As I comb through my wedding email inbox, I am reminder that there are companies out there ready to profit from our declaration of love for each other. I don’t mind that so much, I mean everyone has to make a living, I guess I just want to tell them that… well, we aren’t broke, but we’re definitely not loaded. YOU WILL NOT MAKE MUCH MONEY OFF OF US!! Stop sending me your info about venue locations, free floral consultations, dance lessons and officiants. It’s exhausting! I wonder if these folks realized how “Broke Bride On A Budget” I am close to being, if they’d still waste the email to contact me with this stuff.

I also wonder how many other emails like mine that realtor is going to receive.

The Sunburnt Peach Gets Engaged



We are doing it! We’re engaged! Wedding boards on pinterest and baby fever vocalizations be damned! He’s accepted my crazy and we are taking the plunge and this is awesome!!!


Wow. That’s a lot of verbal diarrhea right there. But I think it’s affective at getting the points across.


So the BBE proposed about 3 weeks ago, and we’re both just as delighted as can be. 🙂 Naturally one of the first things we do after telling our parents and immediate family was to post it on Facebook (ok this is naturally one of the first things I did, not him). Just to prove how much Facebook itself stalks its members within minutes my ads on the side had changed:



Seriously?? I mean, come on FB. That’s not even subtle anymore.

And speaking of seriously, we really are seriously happy and excited. It’s crazy: sometimes while we’re laughing or talking or watching TV we’ll both just stop and stare at each other, and my heart just melts. I’ve never felt so happy or so blessed. I found the person I want to spend the rest of my life with. How lucky am I???? I just hope we don’t make anyone puke when they come in contact with, as Messy Jessy puts it, our “love bubble”.


Speaking of Messy Jessy, I’ve already asked her to be my maid of honor!! I’m pretty sure she’s going to rock at this – if it’s even possible, she’s more excited than I am about our wedding! She and my two sisters will stand up with me in a small wedding on an island in the Bahamas. Since she and my two sisters are both skinny bitches, I’ve placed them all on 4,000 calorie a day diets, which they are to follow up until our wedding day in September 2013. Sure, they’ll probably have heart problems, shortness of breath and need to have  their blood pressure taken at the end of the aisle, but at least that ensures I’ll be the cutest, SKINNIEST girl up there!!! Actually Messy has already punched a hole right through that plan, so I’m going with plan B: actually losing weight myself instead of force-feeding my skinnier bridesmaids.

Yes, pinterest boards are being updated daily as we find new ideas that flesh out how we want our wedding experience to happen: Yeah, at least now I can pin to my 3 wedding boards without him rolling his eyes… much. 🙂

Oh, and by the way… I’m sure my future blogs will have random wedding tidbits but you can get the full scoop on  our wedding and engagement escapades on!

Anyhoo… here’s our engagement story, from my POV and the BBE’s. 🙂 That’s right, the BBE gets a guest spot on my blog this week 🙂 Now that we’re engaged, does his name change to Best Fiance Ever? BFE??


Ok, now for my Side of the Engagement Story:

“I just remember getting a random text one Saturday afternoon, asking if I wanted to go to watch fireworks the following night. Fireworks being one of my favorite things to do, I naturally said yes! He asked which location was my favorite and insisted on us going there.

So on a balmy Sunday evening, we headed over to EPCOT to watch fireworks, share a funny cake and cuddle. It was shaping up to be a great night. As the fireworks burst overhead, he leaned in… and said…

“You drive me crazy, you know that?”


Being the polite well-behaved young woman I am, I smiled nicely and said, “thank you” and continued to watch the fireworks from our bench.

He leans in again, and I’m thinking “ok, what doozie is he going to come up with now?” and He says…

“But I love you… very much”

I smiled and started to say I love you! and watched in surprise as he slid down off the bench and onto one knee and popped a ring box out of his pocket. Right there, in the middle of the park, in one of my most favorite places in the world, this man I loved more than anything was asking me the BIG QUESTION. Being the polite well-behaved woman that I am, I shrieked “What are you doing! What are you doing?!?” over and over. I couldn’t even hear his next words.

His eyes just beamed at me, and there was nothing to say but yes. I hugged him tight so that he wouldn’t see my tears – tears of joy.

The only thing I remember thinking next was “dang, if I’d known I was getting a proposal I probably would have worn a cuter dress and washed my hair”. Typical. Just goes to show that sometimes it doesn’t matter.”



And a word from the BFE:

I can’t remember when exactly I decided to propose to her, but I know I’d been thinking of it for a while. My biggest hang-up was not having a ring. Of course I wanted to do it right and have a nice shiny ring to give her, but those things are pricey! Finally I’d saved up enough and decided that the moment had arrived. But first I had to decide which shiny pretty thing to get her. That’s where a couple of her friends come in. I enlisted them as my secret agents to help me pick out her newest piece of jewelry. After a few dozen emails back and forth the decision was made!

Many months ago I somehow managed to get her talking about her ideal wedding proposal. Don’t ask me how, but somehow I did. Turns out she’s got a sweet spot for fireworks. So I decided that I’d give it a go and asked her if she wanted to go see some fireworks at Disney the next night. I wanted to make sure I got the right fireworks so I asked her what her favorite was. Of course it was Epcot, so away we went!

We got ourselves some funnel cake and sat down to enjoy the show. A few minutes in I lean over and tell her “You know, you drive me crazy”. She laughs a little and goes back to the show. I lean over again and say “But I still love you”. At that point I slip off the bench, land on one knee and pull out the little ring box.

The rest is, as they say, history.