“You’re the most exotic woman I’ve ever met” is what one guy said to me about two years ago. It took me a moment to recover and figure out an answer. I’ve always considered things like carpets, italian cars, birds, fish and flowers to be “exotic”, maybe even people from far off places would be described as such. A Southern Black girl from Atlanta would maybe be considered exotic if she was found in Bali, Korea or Iowa. This statement however was made in Orlando, Florida… and this is a regular occurance of crazy for me here .

You’re probably wondering… “a Sunburnt Peach? What the eff?” I straddle the line of a Southern and  Floridian. Let’s face it, Florida’s not the real South (lol) and I still have some Southern-like tendencies, like thinking iced tea should be served sweet, grocery carts are called buggies and Coca-Cola is the only soda you drink! This place is growing on me though – still gotta get used to wearing sunscreen all the time, but I could get used to seeing palm trees and wearing flip flops every day 🙂

A Sunburnt Peach is my little corner of crazy, a place where I can share all of the truly hilarious, entertaining and bizarre things that I observe, ponder and experience… and no I do not make ANY of it up (by the way I use ellipses, ALL CAPS, italics and exclamation points a lot!). I’m an English major who still spells things wrong because I type too fast. When I get mad I sound more and more Southern, stamp my foot and say “yall”. I’m left-handed, hate losing in competitive situations and harbor no-so-secret obsessions with Phineas and Ferb, Star Wars, History Channel, books, Harry Potter and anything wacky, weird, hilarious and awesome that crosses my path :). Hey, don’t judge. Laugh, leave a note, follow me if you’d like. This blog is my place to capture both the awesome and the mundane of my life and it’s all true- I hope you enjoy!

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  1. I’m so glad you settled on a name for your blog! I like it and now your blog will be the first (and likely only) one that I ever sign up to follow via email. Not sure if you should feel honored or creeped out by that…I’M WATCHING YOU!!!!! Ok, now it got creepy! Love you friend!!!

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