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This wonderful Bodyshop ad was banned by Barbie Inc. A repost from Twitpic


This wonderful Bodyshop ad was banned by Barbie Inc. Repost i… on Twitpic.

I love this ad. I stumbled across it in my Twitter feed sometime last week.

I think this should be dedicated to ANYONE that has ever been embarrassed by their body for ANY reason – whether you think you’re too fat, skinny, tall, short, freckled, brown, white, wrinkled – whatever. From an early age our parents tell us that we’re beautiful and we spend our whole lives trying to remember that fact. It’s so easy to say “love your body” but so hard to actually just do it. Am I right???

It’s easier to listen whenver someone puts you down – why is that? Why can’t we just believe that someone thinks you’re beautiful just the way we are!!! Being self conscious about your body image can really drive a wedge into any relationship as I’m currently learning and struggling with right now… love your body, it’s the only one you’ve got 🙂

…and that is the end of today’s sermon from the good Reverend Peach 🙂