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Opening the Floodgates


“I say your video on the Orlando Magic website!” a random lady says to me last Friday at one of our events. “I have to say, you really don’t look like you’re 300 pounds. Where do you hide it – your boobs?”

What the…????

First of all, who says that???

Second of all, I am 300 pounds NOT 500, I am mobile and energetic. I’m

not Gilbert Grape’s mom and unable to leave my home or bed and have to use a poking stick to change the tv… and just what exactly does a 300 pound woman look like? Should I look like the Stay-PuftMarshmallow Man eating everything in sight, going boom-BOOM-boom-BOOM down the street in a slow waddle looking for more?

That only happens right before my period starts.

It’s funny how people have these ideals of weight versus size… it’s even funnier that since I’ve started doing this contest I’ve basically opened the floodgates to everyone to say whatever the hell they want to me…

  • “you really don’t look as big as 300 pounds! what happened?”
  • “your boobs look smaller – you must be losing weight!”
  • “what do you eat? how often to you eat? when do you eat? where do you eat??”
  • you’re trainer’s really tiny. what’s it like to work with a trainer that small?”
  • “how much sleep do you get?”
  • “those little bitty seats in spinning class must have been tough for someone with such a… a butt”

And my personal favorite:

” do people fart in your yoga class?”

This is just the beginning of the things that people now say out loud to me. It’s kinda like if there’s a big hole in the butt of your pants and no one says anything. Once you acknowledge the hole, everyone’s like “oh good now that you are doing something about the hole in your pants that we’ve always been afraid to talk to you about, let’s talk all about it!  A lot! Along with anything else random that comes into my head!” LOL

I love the support though. It’s just sometimes a bit random and definitely funny.

The truth is, even if I don’t win this challenge, I know that I’m a badass just for taking the first dedicated step and going through this experience.

I am learning things that are going to make me healthier long into the future after this is over, and sharing this experience with my family and friends helps to keep me accountable – even if it’s also a floodgate for more crazy than usual. It’s also a floodgate for opportunity that I didn’t have before! You can’t beat that.  I’ve already started thinking about things to keep me exercising and engaged and active moving forward (it will probably NOT be spinning class! hehe).

Floodgates… and floodgates.