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Day of Epiphany


I had this epiphany the other day… I’m kind of an a$$hole sometimes.

I’m so mean that littlest sis has a special ringtone just for me: “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch.”



I don’t mean to be! I just have mean tendencies. I’m seriously working on this.

Sometimes I forget though, and I end up posting mean things on Facebook, like my comments about ugly babies:

“sooo grateful that all of my friends that do have kids at least have cute ones. How do you fake excitement when someone’s kid is kinda scary??”

Let’s be honest though… scary babies are just… scary. I feel somewhat justified in this statement. It’s still kinda mean though. It’s especially mean to laugh when a co-worker shows you a picture of her friend’s scary baby. Isn’t it technically her fault for showing it to you though? Knowing that you’d laugh??

Then there’s the fact that, after diligent spying on my neighbors, last weekend I started telling people that they were part of the Hispanic Mafia (I still stand by that statement too)

“Grr. my ignunt neighbors are already playing with firecrackers in the street – it’s 945 am on the 2nd!!!! it’s the ones that we think are in the hispanic mafia…”

I almost forgot how I walked through the French section of EPCOT on 4th of July yelling about “Freedom Fries” while wearing my cute Uncle Sam headband. I was alternating that with the song from Team America World Police: “America! F-yeah!”


So, yeah, I’m a bit of a jerk.

I do try to counteract those mean tendencies with nice things I do for people every now and then.

 For example, at work at the beginning of every month we all get this email that wishes a happy birthday to everyone in the company that has a birthday in that month. It lists all the birthday names and dates. I mark those on my calendar each month and send cute little birthday emails to the people who have birthdays on those days.

I’ve also donated time to charities, like Clean the World and House of Hope – just because.

I even return my neighbor’s mail to him when the mailman puts it in the wrong box… as opposed to laughing and wondering if they’ll pay their AmEx bill on time this month… hehehe.

I like to think of it as putting a little positive energy back out into the universe.

 Now if only the universe would stop kicking my butt with things like tonsillitis and the Curse of the Hot Doctor I’d be all set 🙂

Karma or Irony?


Something happened a few months ago that I’ve been stewing on and just can’t quite determine what I should learn from all of this. So I’m putting it my readers – tell me which part is Karma and which part Irony:



I visit my doctor, referred to by many as “hot doctor” to discuss what might be the beginnings of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or IBS. Some months later, we are matched on e-harmony, and in true Sunburnt Peach style I create a blog post about hot doctor on e-harmony, talk about it on Facebook and send some of his hot doctor pictures to several of my friends (and I really didn’t discriminate: straight, gay, married, single, I sent it to them all). So it’s only natural I should run into him at my local Super-Tarjay.



In my attempt to avoid confrontation with hot doctor, I dart down the nearest aisle of the Target.

It just happens to be the toilet paper aisle.


So… which part is the karma, and which part the irony??


BTW – I am currently seeking a new Primary Care Physician.