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10 Days – 4 Foods


4 Foods


4. Mexican Food

Typically when someone suggests going to a Mexican restaurant for dinner, then I KNOW that I’ll be drinking my dinner.

I hate Mexican. And Mexican hates me.


Several years ago, I went to a popular Mexican chain for a fun dinner with my friends (NOT Taco Bell!) and ending up with a miserable case of the liquid sh!ts, or, as middle sis calls it “the bubble gut”. What was worse? I was in a bathroom at the US Play (kinda like a Dave & Buster’s), too far away from home to make it without having a blowout. I lit that bathroom up and turned it into Chernobyl. It was horrible! It happened a few times after that, before I finally caught on that drinking margaritas and having chips and salsa was better on my stomach than a chimichanga combo with green sauce.


So it tells you how much I must really like the BBE if I’ll go to a Mexican Restaurant without involuntarily cringing or clutching my stomach.



3. Chipotle

First of all, I don’t consider Chipotle to be Mexican. Not even related, really, except for the burrito that I don’t even let them give me anymore. Which may be why it doesn’t really tear me up.


Whenever I consider moving to a new place, there are a few things I like to make sure are close:

  • Target
  • Publix
  • Bank of America (yes I’m still a BOA zombie, sadly)
  • Chipotle


And it’s a great go-to place if I’m too lazy to cook. Which happened so much when I lived in Atlanta that I got acid reflux and had to eat nothing but oatmeal for two weeks.



2. Spinach, any style

You can sautee it, bake it, make it into a salad, and it’s still really good! (I also felt obliged to add a green vegetable of some sort so yall wouldn’t think I was completely obsessed with carbs and sugar and all those other things that make food taste really good.



1. Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

I like to think of them as Nature’s little joke. They’re tasty and delicious and so so yummy, and yet made with oatmeal! And raisins!