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New periodical, new bathroom, same sh!t


Yep. The Bathroom Reader has conquered a new bathroom in our office! Something must be done.

This bit of light reading was a Bank of America pamphlet… Are you seriously so bored on the toilet that you read banking pamphlets? Who decides that potty time is ideal for reviewing your financial information??

Toilet – Paper saga, continued


Ok, this has seriously gone on long enough! Who keeps leaving their newspaper in the bathroom?!?


And why am I so obsessed with this? LOL


What’s even funnier is that someone found it in there again, only this time it was open to the classifieds… is someone contemplating job movement while finishing their… “movement”? ROTFL

Toilet Update


It’s time for the telephone game! So a little birdie told ME that a little birdie told HER that the newspaper in the last stall of the women’s bathroom at work is back.


Which brings me back full circle to my original question about this: what type of woman tucks a newspaper under her arm and heads to the loo? I still can’t get over this… it also calls into question how much time this person must spend in the office toilet, if reading material is required. Yikes.

It gets even better!




hold the phone. why the eff did someone leave their newspaper next to one of the toilets in the womens restroom at work…AS IF THEY’RE COMING BACK TO READ IT LATER???   WHO DOES THAT??!?   If I find out who did that I’m adding them to my shit list, right under the girl in my […]