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Here’s a Thought…


Here’s a thought…

How about I try NOT taking my fiber gummies and then deciding to have oatmeal for breakfast?

Here’s ANOTHER thought…

How about I try NOT taking fiber gummies, eating oatmeal for breakfast, then having a cheese stick for “protein”


Just a couple of ideas that popped into my head this morning. I hope this is a learning opportunity for others. I learned way too late.


“Fiber Gummies: So good they’ll make you poop!!”



Am I


…the only one that sees pregnant people and thinks “now everyone knows you had sex!” It’s also kinda funny that when there’s lots of people pregnant in your office you kinda want to stop drinking the water 🙂

Ok, this is bad – when I see people obsessed with Dungeons and Dragons or World of Warcraft… or deeply obsessed with the minutiae of Star Wars or Star Trek. I wonder whether they’ll end up running Microsoft. I also wonder if they’ll even get laid.

Or what about old people? Do you ever wonder if they still do it?

I think wayyy too much sometimes. I definitely get way to many visuals from people’s descriptions of things sometimes… like hearing your parents have sex in the other room, or people talking about how you’ll poop on the delivery table when you have a kid.

The BF says I’m a pervert for thinking these things but I cannot be the only person that thinks about this stuff. Am I?